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    8 best hairstyles of Kriti Sanon

    [777] The talented actor Kriti Sanon never fails to make a statement whether she’s at promotions, shootings, holidaying or on the red carpet. And just when you’ve thought the actor has tried just about every look, she’ll be back at it again with a new, daring style that us mere mortals could never pull off. From the bouncy waves to her perky braids , we’ve rounded up that she has the most epic hairstyles she’s rocked throughout her career so far. Kriti is someone who doesn’t like to like to stick to one style. Ever changing hairstyles is her signature.She’s a box full of versatility whether it’s her fashion sense…

  • Hairstyles For The Sister Of The BrideOr Groom
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    Hairstyles For Bride Or Groom’s Sister

    [777] Being sister of the bride or the groom means two things- one, you are super busy taking care of the sisterly responsibilities that our siblings have happily dumped on us and two, we have no times we have no time to take care of our hair and make-up needs. But don’t you worry girls; we have put together a list of some amazing hairstyles that you can don during the wedding functions. Pick the one that suits your face and hair length and most importantly, the one that complements your outfit! Super Straight- One of the hottest trends of 2017 is the super straight hair! This year is kicking…

  • 7 Best Hairstyles Of Priyanka Chopra
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    7 Best Hairstyles Of Priyanka Chopra

    [777] Priyanka Chopra, the Indian actress and singer is also the winner of Miss World 2000 pageant. At first, Priyanka Chopra dominated Bollywood with movies such as Mary Kom, Barfi, Dostana and many more. Now she seems to be a big part of Hollywood as well with her headlining the super hit show Qunatico, she also plays the character of a villan on the very popular show Baywatch. She is today, one of the highest paid actresses in the world. Priyanka Chopra’s style has also evolved as years have gone by. She has become a fashion icon of Bollywood. She has experimented with her be it short hair to long…

  • Top 7 Hairstyles for women with thick hair
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    Top 7 Hairstyles for women with thick hair

    [777] By Tanisha Diwan Women’s hair is the symbol of her beauty. Thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Thick hair can be a time consuming to style if you have to do it every day. If you have thick hair, here are some different hair styles and ways to pin up your hair to make your life easier and for you to look stylish day after day. 1.Thick Braids- One advantage of thick hair is that a braid will always look nice. Girls would do anything to have a nice thick braid. If you take out some time out of your busy schedule to learn how…

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    Try Out These Beauty Tips By Shraddha Kapoor

    [777] Shraddha Kapoor is the young and bubbly actress of bollywood. She has lovely skin and lustrous hair. She follows a strict regime to keep her skin healthy and glowing. Let’s take a look at some of the handy and healthy tips from Shraddha for glowing skin and lovely hair. Tip1# For lovely hair Shraddha loves to oil her hair and she believes in massaging her hair well. Once in a while she goes in for hair spa which gives that extra shine and bounce to her curly hair. Shraddha uses a hair pack made up of Aloe Vera juice, hibiscus leaves and curd. She applies this mixture on her hair…

  • 7 Popular Bollywood Inspired Hairstyles for College
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    7 Popular Bollywood Inspired Hairstyles for College

    [777] Hairstyle#1: Braided Braided hairstyle is very popular these days as it gives neat and smart look to your hair. It is very quick and easy to do so it has become favorite of college girl and is just apt for those who are always on their toes. It gives a neat and stylish look and it suits every given outfit as well. Checkout some of the bollywood divas flaunting their braided style. Hairstyle#2: High puff ponytail The simplest and most popular hairstyle of all times is a high ponytail. It gives a voluminous look to your hair and also gives you a smart look in every outfit. Just look…

  • Bollywood Queens and Their Favorite Accessories!
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    Bollywood Queens and Their Favorite Accessories!

    [777] B-town is a glam world that has a lot to flaunt and because of these glam divas we come to know about the latest fashion trends. But do you know, what’s the favorite accessory of these dazzling divas? Yes, they do love to flaunt the trendiest accessories on any given occasion. So let’s find out who loves what in Bollywood world. Bling#1: Geeky Glasses These days glasses have become a rage in bollywood and no one hides them anymore. Many actresses have come out in open flaunting lovely geeky glasses that have raised their style quotient to the top notch. Deepika is often spotted in geeky glasses and we…

  • Priyanka chopra beauty secrets
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    Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra

    [777] Beauty is a factor or an element of our life that we do our best to keep it enhanced and upgraded always. Beauty is a self-care or a factor of self-love and a part of our own identity. We all want to look beautiful, but all of us have different definitions of beauty. Today, we are talking about that beautiful look or feeling of skin that makes you confident and keep you prepared and presentable always. Almost all of us know that make-up and other accessories are just temporary. What we all should really work out for is to take care of our skin and keep ourselves naturally beautiful.…

  • Bollywood stars on their wedding day

    Bollywood Celebrities on their Wedding Day

    [777] We all have seen our favorite Bollywood actors getting hitched on screen quite a couple of time but then we also have seen them on their wedding days. We gasp in shock when we get to know that, a celebrity got married in a hush ceremony. We also get super curious when the wedding is announced by the celebrities. We want to know every inch of the detailed affair, in and out of their wedding. Therefore, here are few Bollywood celebrities on their wedding day, you might want to know, how ravishing they looked and all about the extravagant wedding that they had in the Bollywood history. 1. Shahid…

  • 8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Nailed The Red Lipstick Look
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    8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Nailed The Red Lipstick Look

    [777] A walk down through the memory lane and I see no celebrity who hasn’t tried the red look. The red look is the bold, confident and attractive look that a red colored lipstick gives us. The charismatic charm the color carries with itself gets shared with the one who wears it. Bollywood has also experienced the spell of the color. From vintage actress to the new seed generation everyone loves red lips.Staining your lips with red color gives you the perfect pout. From the Kapoor family in Bollywood, the sexy lips of Kareen Kapoor stops the heartbeat of any age. With the addition of the red look she is…