• DIY Skin Lightening Treatment With Demonstration Video
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    DIY Skin Lightening Treatment With Video Tutorial

    [777] Hello guys, How are you all doing? Today I will be showing a very effective skin brightening treatment. It contains two steps, where the first step includes cleansing the skin and the second step is a skin brightening face pack. Step 1: Take some raw milk in a fresh bowl and dip a cotton ball into it and rub it over your face and neck in a gentle circulatory motion. Make sure you cover the entire face and neck while cleansing. Milk is a natural facial cleanser. Doing this will remove all the dirt and makeup traces from within clogged pores. It lightens your skin and works as a great…

  • DIY Magical Face Pack- Get Glowing Skin instantly
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    DIY Magical Face Pack- Get Glowing Skin instantly

    [777] Hello Everyone, Let’s see, how to get fresh & glowing skin instantly. Whenever you have a party or a function to attend and you have no time to get a good facial done, this pack will definitely give an instant glow to your skin. Watch the video for more details  For this, you will need only two ingredients, those are curd/yoghurt & salt Benefits of Curd to the skin: Curd is actually very good for your skin It cleanses and exfoliates the skin very well & provides a natural gleam It acts as a very good moisturiser It helps in restoring your natural colour It helps in reducing acne It unclogs…

  • Home made scrubs - DIY
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    Best Home-made Scrubs

    [777] When you can prepare a natural homemade scrub at affordable price then why do you have to purchase those expensive scrubs available in the market? When you purchase them you use it carefully but if you make one at home then you can use it twice a week all over your body but not just for your face. Here are few simple yet best recipes you can try at home and you will definitely love them. 1 . Sugar Scrub Ingredients Required: Sugar – 2 tbsp Oil (Almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or any vegetable oil) – 1 tbsp Method: Take sugar and oil of your choice in…