• Honeymoon Essentials - Packing Checklist

    Honeymoon Essentials – Packing Checklist

    Let’s admit it, girls, we have all dreamt about how fantastic our honeymoon will be someday! However, it seems to be that one part of the wedding that many brides-to-be completely put off planning until the last minute. While there is no rule that says you have to take a suitcase full of brand new clothes on your honeymoon, you will want to bring some new and special dresses to help make this trip memorable! Essentially your packing list will be determined by your honeymoon destination. A bride packing for her honeymoon at a tropical resort may not need as much luggage (c’mon who are we kidding?) because bikinis and…

  • How to make small eyes appear bigger??
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    How to make small eyes appear bigger??

    [777] Do you think your eyes are too small compared to others…!! They doesnt look as sparkling as the ones having bigger eyes??? Do not just sit down depressed, because you cant ceratinly change your size of eyes as it has been given by nature, but you can certainly work on the following amazing tricks to make your eyes appear big and attractive…   Working over dark circles: Use of concealer over the darkcircles could brighten up the darkness of the eyes and could help it look bigger.. Because due to darkcircles, eyes often tend to look tired, weak and thus small.. To make it look bigger and fresh, use…

  • 6 Creative ways to Drape a Dupatta on your Suit!
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    6 Creative ways to Drape a Dupatta on your Suit!

    [777] Embracing and carrying forward the richness of one’s culture is the responsibility of each and every person. A female look heavenly gorgeous when she is tightly embraced in the hug of new designer salwar suits for women. But, most of the times, carrying a dupatta in the wrong manner spoils the whole glam of your outfit. So, to help you out, six creative ways of draping a dupatta has been listed below that can turn you out into a trendy diva:-   Go all the way innovative by wrapping your dupatta in a different way! Put it on any of your shoulder, bring both the ends of it sideways and…

  • How to take care of your hair this winter ?
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    Tips And Tricks For Healthy Hair This Winter !!

    [777] Winter is indeed a beautiful season. It’s just that cold weather tends to make our skin dull and dry. Moreover, it affects our hair too by making them brittle, more prone to breakage and cold winds lead to dry scalp as well. It is very important to take care of our hair and prevent them from cold weather. In winters, cold wind plays a very bad role in taking away all the moisture from the hair. So it is advisable to wear a hat, scarf, cap or a bandana covering your hair. They will be saved and not get tangled easily. Let’s get to know some more handy tips…

  • Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin
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    Top 7 Foundations For Oily Skin

    Most of us have complaints of having oily skin. Oily skin is way different than the dry or normal skin. It requires more effort of care and attention than the usual. Be it dirt, dust or sun-ray – if skin gets contact of any – skin irritation is the next crisis you face. [777] Applying make-up, can be a huge task at times for oily skin type. Since, the face secretes more oil, applying the right skin tone foundation is must. These days, cosmetic companies are paying extra more attention in coming up with best and correct foundation. They are specially designed foundation which suit the oily skin type. After lot…

  • Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Mumbai
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    Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Mumbai

    Its Mumbai, where style and glamour walk hand in hand. Since, Mumbai is the capital city of Bollywood; here wedding is nothing less than a typical bollywood masala movie in itself. A bit exaggerated? Well that was the intend. After all, I can’t help myself but find you the best bridal makeup artist in Mumbai. Hence, after lot of searching, below are some really good artists, who have marked their niche in the industry of styling and makeup. Scroll and read on:  [777] Hema Datani Website: www.heemadattani.com Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra About: She has been a freelance Make-up artist and hair stylist, who has worked with MAC for 3 years. She…

  • Ideas to revamp your home this winter

    Ideas to revamp your home this winter

    When winter season arrives with a bang, then a person’s bed seems to be the most comfortable place on earth. Nothing can beat the pleasure of deep slumber under a heavy winter blanket on a chilled winter day. The apparels, footwear, bed items and accessories which we use in summers are entirely different from winters in terms of fabric and size. Cotton bed sheets can be a person’s best companion in summer. But they can’t work best for colder months. The blog outlines some ideas to add warmth, comfort and style to your winter bedrooms. If you want to make your bedroom a comfortable place this winter, try these decor…

  • Kangana Ranaut in Katti Batti
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    Kangana Ranaut Look , Makeup and Hair Styles in Katti Batti

    Kangana is known for expressing honest options and is credited as most fashionable Indian Celebrities. Kangana’s commercial success film was Raaz: The Mystery Continues- 2009 and then Once upon a time in Mumbaai- 2010.in 2011 in Tanu Weds Manu she was appreciated for her role and performance. In Krish-3 she acted as mutant and won film fare and National Film Award Best Actress for Queen -2014. In 2015- Tanu Weds Manu Returns was her successful movie. With less movies and selected roles Kangana is leading the industry. [777] Kangana In KATTI BATTI Kangana Always turn’s up with the best looks in all her movies. She is the most fashionable actress.…

  • Tulips Absorbent Cotton Wool Review
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    Tulips Cotton Pleats Review & Uses

    Claims : TULIPS is India’s fastest growing Cotton hygiene brand in India. With a diverse, attractive & most qualitative product range, TULIPS is today consumers’ first choice in more than 18 states of India, where we are present. TULIPS has now introduced Absorbent Cotton Rolls in retail packs (50gm, 100 gm).  The salient features are as follows: [777] Prepared from the best fiber & as per European Norms. The bleaching & treatment is at par with European standards. First time in INDIA, each cotton roll is pre-sterilised , for consumer confidence. 100% safe & germ free Produced at GMP certified Sate of Art production plants High quality cotton sheet form without Paper, which is easy…

  • L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Color In 605 Eve
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    L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Color In 605 Eve Review

    [777] L’Oreal Paris has introduced few pretty shades into their Caresse Lip color range among which today I am going to review the shade 605 Eve for you pretty ladies. About The Product: Dazzling shine, Fresh moisture, light weight lip color. The first lip colour to fuse with your lips. Rich, refined lips yet a barely-there lip sensation. Lips feel cocooned in a fresh, dewy sensation. The modern way to play your lip colour. The unique formula comprised of 30% water and 60% oil provides an exceptionally high level of moisture, allowing for 6hr hydration.Concentrated soluble colour pigments create a subtle wet look with a weightless feeling on lips. Price…