• Innovative Outfit Ideas For Your Mehendi
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    Innovative Outfit Ideas For Your Mehendi

    [777] One of the most exciting wedding ceremonies for the bride is without a doubt, the mehendi ceremony. Earlier the traditions of mehendi ceremony were that the women of the house would sit and sing songs while the blushing bride wearing an old outfit would sit patiently getting her mehendi done. However, today the traditions have changed. This ceremony holds a great significance in the Indian culture as mehendi is the sign of married woman and as we have heard many say the darker the color of the mehendi the more love she would get from her husband. We have out together a list of great outfits you can wear…

  • 10 Boutiques in Delhi to find Bridal Lehengas under Budget
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    10 Boutiques in Delhi to find Bridal Lehengas under Budget

    [777] Dressing in the perfect bridal outfit on the most special day of her life is something that every bride dreams of since she is a little girl. The bride is the star of the night on her wedding day that is only expected to sit pretty. But little do the friends and family know how many sleepless nights the brides have wondering how to find the perfect bridal outfit. Hence, it is understandable why every bride spends endless hours searching for the most perfect bridal outfit. If you are a Delhi girl, and don’t know where to begin your bridal shopping, let us help you. Below we have put…

  • 7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding
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    7 Must Have Shots for your Wedding

    [777] By Tanisha Diwan The key to the most amazing wedding album is making sure that the photographer captures all the right moments such as your brothers walking you down, the pheras, the way the groom holds the brides hand, etc. Catch the 7 must have shots on your list so you have all the right moments that you will treasure for all eternity! Getting Ready: This picture should be taken when the bride and groom are getting ready. You could take a candid shot of the bride looking all nervous wondering if she will look the best on the most special day of her life! [777] The Sentimental Traditions:…

  • Floral Jewelry ideas for Mehendi
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    Beautiful Floral Jewelry Ideas For Your Mehendi

    [777] What would be more beautiful than to see those beautiful blossoms accentuating the beauty of to- be bride? Well natural floral based jewelry has been in fashion from some time. This custom has its roots way back to Mughal era but now it has inspired us again. For a function like mehandi, using floral jewelry in place of traditional gold is becoming trending fashion. Be it the bride or anyone from her family, it adorns them beautifully. And because of the variety of colors, textures and shapes, one can easily make them match with their outfits. The plus point of this kind of jewelry is that it adds up…

  • What To Wear On your Sangeet Night
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    What To Wear On your Sangeet Night

    [777] Weddings in India are like a mini festival. With the various occasions held in a package. So, for everyone it is time for celebration. Especially for the bride it is the time to wear her dream outfit and enjoy the most memorable moments of her life. But choosing the outfit can be quite difficult with many functions involved like haldi, Mehandi, sangeet etc. you want to be dressed best on every occasion. So here are the few ideas for the sangeet outfits:- Cape is the new trend : Try a cape outfit for this occasion. As it is the best one to wear a fusion outfit. Put together a cape…

  • Must Have Bollywood Songs for Your Sangeet
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    Must Have Bollywood Songs for Your Sangeet

    [777] Wedding brings in lot of functions and enjoyment together with the loved ones. It brings in enjoyment, fun moments and dance with the family members.Before wedding day, there are some more functions which marks the beginning of celebration in the house. These functions are engagement, sangeet, mehendi ki raat, kirtan and finally the wedding day.The most popular occasion is sangeet as everyone dances out and sings at their best during this function apart from looking to their best. Let’s find out the most popular bollywood songs that will make you groove on your sangeet day. Song#1: Kar Gayi Chull This one has become a rage among the youngsters and…

  • Top 7 Bridal Make-up Artists in Kolkata
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    Top 7 Bridal Make-up Artists in Kolkata

    [777] Bridal make-up is an art. And you should definitely rely only on a good artist for your D-Day. There are a few great bridal makeup artists who have carved out their art so beautifully that it would leave us mesmerized. We have seen some of the most beautiful brides donning their art with so much of poise and confidence and with a feeling of superiority that has been endowed on them for the occasion. Here, we are revealing for you top 7 Make-up artists in Kolkata. So, in case you are a bride from Kolkata or are planning a Bengali wedding you must contact either of these kings or…

  • Top 15 Pre Wedding Tips for Indian Brides to Be
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    Top 15 Pre Wedding Tips for Indian Brides to Be

    [777] Weddings are fun time for relative and friends. A time of joy and cheer for family and get-together for invitees. But, what about the most important person of the event? The Bride of course, she has so many things to do and so many things to plan. Indian weddings are big and fat. We know no limit in rejoicing when it comes to wedding functions. But most of the times the leading lady of the occasion goes through a chaos and ends up with regretful memories of chaos and blunders on her special day. All this can be easily avoided if there is a systematic approach to the functions…