• pre bridal services in delhi
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    Pre Bridal Services In Delhi

    [777] The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of any girl. For this special day, every girl goes the extra mile to look beautiful. There are many salons in the city which offer much different kind of services which can be slightly expensive too. So we have created a list of must get beauty treatments for the bride-to-be and these are services that will not only make you look gorgeous but also not burn a hole in your pocket. Here is the list from which you can choose the beauty treatment as per your needs- Pre-Bridal Express Package at Lakme Salon- This bridal package…

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    Top Sangeet Organsiers In Mumbai

    [777] An Indian wedding is usually a five-day affair usually it is a sequence of festivities starting with Mata Ki Chowki, as Indians don’t start a new beginning without the blessings of God. What makes an Indian wedding so special is the bright ethnic outfits, the decorations and the fact that it is five daylong celebration. Weddings today are so much more elaborate than they used to be. However, the most exciting function of the five-day celebrations is the Sangeet. This particular function involves no rituals to be performed and basically witness the bride and groom let themselves loose and friends and family bond over the most happening numbers of…

  • makeup artists in pune
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    Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Pune

    [777] We have curated a list of the best makeup artists in Pune for the brides-to-be. After all, we don’t think you can have a without a makeup artist, can you now? We know exactly how daunting it can be to find the perfect makeup artist. And it is every bride’s dream to look like a princess on the most special day of her life! And this is absolutely justified. To find the right one, you simply need to browse through our list of the top makeup artists in Pune and make your decision wisely. Tejaswani She is one of the most popular makeup artists in Pune and so much…

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    Top 10 Bridal Facial Kits in India

    [777] In case you are reading this article, then the possibility that you are a bride-to-be is high who is looking to ways to look beautiful and radiant on your wedding day. It is only natural that every girl wants all eyes on her on the D-day, and mostly girls do everything they can to achieve the desired result. Why you need Facial Kits? The radiance of your skin will only increase with regular skin cleansing, getting rid of dead cells and boosting the blood circulation on the skin. These facial kits will further improve the skin texture too. However, in case you don’t have the budget for getting these…

  • Bridal hair stylists mumbai
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    Top Hairstylists In Mumbai

    [777] Your hairstyle can make or break your entire look. However, so many times we get lazy and think to ourselves-do hairstyles really matter? The answer to this question is most definitely YES! A good hairstyle can make you look attractive while a shabby hairstyle can make you look horrible. While you look good, you also tend to feel good which also boosts your confidence levels! A hairstylist is a person who can completely transform your look simply by playing around with your hair. We have curated a list of the best hairstylists in the Bollywood city-Mumbai. These hairstylists have transformed every strand they have touched. Sapna Bhavnani- The owner…

  • 8 Amazing Return Gift Ideas for your Girlies!
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    8 Amazing Return Gift Ideas for your Girlies!

    [777] Not only have you and your girlfriends grown up together but she is so much more! She has helped you plan the wedding, went to a thousand different shops so you get your dream wedding outfit, she has listened to you rant about the difference of opinion you just had with your better half about the wedding décor. She is none other than the supergirl in your life aka your best friend who has stood by you through thick and thin. But, now is the perfect time to give back with thoughtful, creative and personalised bridesmaids’ gifts that show how much you really appreciate your girls.  Personalised Makeup Bags- We…

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    Top 5 Sangeet Organizers in Hyderabad

    [777] A wedding in India is not a one-day event which includes the wedding followed by a reception. Weddings in India are a sequence of grand festivities, decorations, lavish food and the ethnic party outfits. The festivities start with Mata Ki Chowki followed by Sangeet or Mehendi and ends with a grand reception. Sangeet is the most exciting of all the pre-wedding affairs. As the name suggests, this night is all about music and dancing. It is the most awaited functions and nowadays this is held on a bigger scale than the wedding itself. It’s also the best time for friends and family to come together and bond over the…

  • Top10 Foundations for Bridal Make-up & Photography
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    Top10 Foundations for Bridal Make-up & Photography

    [777] We bet you never gave this much importance and thought to which foundation to wear before your wedding. Flash photography and bridal make-up go hand in hand, so it’s very important that every bride chooses a long lasting foundation which photographs well. We have put together a list of ten foundations which are perfect for Indian bridal make-up which photography well and will not make you look pale or white in those life long memories. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lasting Foundation- This is one of the longest wearing foundations we have come across. Even though it has SPF, it still photographs well. This is a must have for all the…

  • Innovative Outfit Ideas For Your Mehendi
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    Innovative Outfit Ideas For Your Mehendi

    [777] One of the most exciting wedding ceremonies for the bride is without a doubt, the mehendi ceremony. Earlier the traditions of mehendi ceremony were that the women of the house would sit and sing songs while the blushing bride wearing an old outfit would sit patiently getting her mehendi done. However, today the traditions have changed. This ceremony holds a great significance in the Indian culture as mehendi is the sign of married woman and as we have heard many say the darker the color of the mehendi the more love she would get from her husband. We have out together a list of great outfits you can wear…

  • 7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding
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    7 Must Have Shots for your Wedding

    [777] By Tanisha Diwan The key to the most amazing wedding album is making sure that the photographer captures all the right moments such as your brothers walking you down, the pheras, the way the groom holds the brides hand, etc. Catch the 7 must have shots on your list so you have all the right moments that you will treasure for all eternity! Getting Ready: This picture should be taken when the bride and groom are getting ready. You could take a candid shot of the bride looking all nervous wondering if she will look the best on the most special day of her life! [777] The Sentimental Traditions:…