Top 15 Pre Wedding Tips for Indian Brides to Be
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Top 15 Pre Wedding Tips for Indian Brides to Be


Weddings are fun time for relative and friends. A time of joy and cheer for family and get-together for invitees. But, what about the most important person of the event? The Bride of course, she has so many things to do and so many things to plan. Indian weddings are big and fat. We know no limit in rejoicing when it comes to wedding functions. But most of the times the leading lady of the occasion goes through a chaos and ends up with regretful memories of chaos and blunders on her special day. All this can be easily avoided if there is a systematic approach to the functions and preparations and Brides to be must take good care of all these tips.

Pre-Plan Your Special Day

It is necessary that you start preparation for your wedding day at least before 2-3 months. You must arrange a good make-up artist, plan out your wedding dress, your sandals, how would you do your make-up and everything. Do not delay things like trying out new routine on last weeks before your wedding this is not at all advisable.

Switch to a Healthy Diet

It is very necessary that you switch over to a healthy lifestyle before 3 months from your wedding. You can try out various fruit juices and leafy vegetables for your routine. If required, you can also visit a dietician to help you out with this. This will help you get a natural glow on your special functions.


Get all Make-up trials in advance

Make-up or for that instance take any cosmetic product that you are going to use or you are planning to try on your big day or for your wedding must be trialed before 3-4 months. As you finalize your make-up artists also take trials of make-up to get clear idea of what should go with your look and what not.

Work out with your personal Dermatologist

Most of the brides want a natural glow pre and post wedding. It requires help of a dermatologist, he would suggest products and also help you with chemical peels and microdermabrasion that would enhance your looks.

Take trial of almost every Outfit and accessory

Wedding outfits and accessories sometimes ditch you so bad. You just don’t understand why a certain thing is scratching you or that sandals you brought are not helping you be comfortable. If you have taken a trial of your dress and accessories after selecting and before 1 week of wedding it would help you a lot.  

Do not avoid Sleep

Sleep helps you stay stress free, makes you look fresh and also helps in giving a healthy glow on your face. No matter what are the arrangements in your home you should plan out a space from the preparations and take sound sleep before your wedding. Make it a habit before a month to sleep early. This will help your body to channelize biorhythms and also help you keep dark circles at bay.

Get Confirmations with Your Make-up and Hair artists

Make-up and hair artists are people who would give you that glow and help you look beautiful. But think your occasion without them. It would be no better than a nightmare. So to avoid such nightmares only trust the reliable names and get all the confirmations in advance and double check-it yourself if required.


No New Products

Wedding functions and preparations would give you an urge to try new products. But it is a complete NO-NO. You should not try anything new on your face or skin. You are not sure how that product will make you look and also how your skin would react to that thing. So it is better to not to try anything new

Facials and other skin care before months

You should start your skin care and hair regimes like spa, facials, manicures and pedicures months before. This would give your skin an additional benefit of looking awesome.

Waxing and Threading not on last minute

Do not keep your waxing and threading session sin last days of wedding. Get them much before all the functions start. Avoid any such activity on your wedding day or a day before to avoid any reactions or breakouts.

Don’t Eat Wrong on your Wedding Day

Indian weddings are not a one-day affair. You would have relatives and friends at your home a week before. All the preparations for the same and sweets and food too would change through. But you can ask your mom to make some special arrangements for your food and stick to your routines to not to upset your stomach.

Learn Saree Draping and Basic Make-up

It is necessary that you know basics of make-up and are able to do them on your own. There would be numerous occasions soon after your wedding that will need you to look good. These two skills will keep you independent and you would be able to shine through all the important occasions.

Keep an Emergency Kit for unexpected fixes

You should make an emergency kit with all the products and required accessories that would help you fix any unexpected issues with your dress or your jewelry. These issues can be with your make-up kit or brushes or anything. Anything that is more prone to spoil and wear out needs this help so plan it accordingly.

Zits Controls

There are all the chances that you may breakout before your wedding or on the wedding day. You should plan this situation in advance and talk with your dermatologist about it. He would suggest an overnight fix and help you look better.

Get Your Things Aside

All your accessories and other essentials should be kept away from the general arrangements. Do not keep your bags and accessories mixed with everything else. God forbid if there are any issues and your things are missing you do not need to deal with last minute stress. You have to plan out and keep all your essentials likewise to stay away from the last minute issues.


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