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10 Cute & Girly Wedding invites


Wedding invitations are every girl’s weakness, aren’t they? There is no denying in the fact that it is a lot of fun to pick the right wedding invitation to send out to your friends and family. Even if you are the kind of bride who doesn’t want to look like a princess on her special day, there is still a part of you who has dreamt of the fairytale wedding haven’t you? While most couples opt for a traditional invite, and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just nice to mix things up a little bit hence we have put together a list of 10 super girly invites which will help you celebrate the happily ever after…

A pull out invite:

Coke Bottle Wedding INvitation

This is a fun way to invite friends and family to your beach wedding and this is kind of a DIY too. All you have to do is collect bottles of Coke, Pepsi, etc. fill it up with sand and shells and insert the invite too!  

The Little Blue Bag:

 Tiffany bag wedding invitation


 Tiffany box wedding invitation

Every girl loves the Tiffany Blue Box so how about a Tiffany inspired blue bag? You could place a box of chocolates or sweets into the bag or the box along with the invite and have your and your partners’ name printed on the bags. How fun is that??

Happily Ever After-

Disney theme wedding invitation

If you are getting married to your prince charming, why not have a Disney themed wedding invitation?

The Perfect Passport-

Passport theme  wedding invitation

If you are having a destination wedding, this is what you should go for as it is a real fun way to invite people! Have the invite in the form of the passport with a photo of the couple!

Book Worms-

Book theme wedding invitation


Book theme wedding invitation

If you both are a pair of book worms made for each other, then this wedding invite is more than perfect for you- turn a vintage book into a wedding card. And add a personal touch by delivering them yourselves.

Tying the knot-

Knot theme wedding invitation


This is a clever way to let people know that you’re tying the knot. Have your and your partners name printed in the background with a string in the front, which will tie the knot as the person opens the card.

Love is in the Air-

Thumb impression wedding invitation

Use your thumbs to make a heart shape on the invite and write the date of the function below it. How cute is this?

Boarding Pass as an Invite-

Boarding Pass wedding invite

This idea is perfect for a destination wedding! As soon as your guests open the invite, they will see a ticket to the destination where you are having the wedding!

Coordinate the Card with the Color Scheme of the Wedding-

10 Cute & Girly Wedding invites

This is perhaps the easiest thing to do. If you and your partner can’t settle on a theme then this one is for you. Coordinate the color of your invites with the color scheme of the décor or the theme of the function, in case you have any.

Destined to be Together-

If you guys are having a destination wedding with also a theme then you can opt for a card that depicts what your guests will be experiencing at the wedding.

Author – Tanisha Diwan

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