Floral Jewelry ideas for Mehendi
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Beautiful Floral Jewelry Ideas For Your Mehendi


What would be more beautiful than to see those beautiful blossoms accentuating the beauty of to- be bride? Well natural floral based jewelry has been in fashion from some time. This custom has its roots way back to Mughal era but now it has inspired us again.

For a function like mehandi, using floral jewelry in place of traditional gold is becoming trending fashion. Be it the bride or anyone from her family, it adorns them beautifully. And because of the variety of colors, textures and shapes, one can easily make them match with their outfits.

floral jewellery for mehendi

The plus point of this kind of jewelry is that it adds up to the beauty of any female naturally and goes  with every outfit whether it is traditional or Indian. Also, it is lighter & easier to wear for long hours than the gold jewelry.  This floral jewelry can be customized according to needs of the hour. It embarks creativity and can be molded according to your will.  You can custom get made one or you can also make or design one yourself.

The jewelries like other traditional one can be made in sets or can be made separately which contains various elements including:-


  • Maangtika:-

Floral Mang tikka For mehendiA beautiful Maangtika adorned on the forehead of the bride makes her look like a princess in no time. Especially if it is created according to the structure of the face of the bride to be. It highlights her facial features especially her eyes providing her beauty and elegance.


Floral Earrings (Karnphool) for mehendi

Karnphool are the floral earrings that goes well with the floral Maangtika, completing the elegant look of the bride to-be. Also, these can be worn forlong time and does not hurt the ears because of being lightweight.


Floral Necklace For mehendi

Chokers are the present trend & are worn on tradition occasions but the twist is, it is made with flowers. It sits around the neck and can be made differently according to the style you want to go for the ceremony.



Floral Bajubandh for mehendi

The brush of soft petals on your arms, adds up to your beauty. It transforms the overall look for better.


Floral Bracelets for mehendi

 The blossoms on the back of your palm and on your fingers  add up to the grace of the bride.  This can be worn in the place of traditional bangles.


floral Kamarbandh for mehendi

Wear it around your waist with your sarees and lehengas it transforms the simple outfit into Dazzling ones.


floral Jhumar for mehendi

In place of traditional Maangtikas girls can try the Jhumars. It will add the touch of glamour to your look and make you the star attraction.

Chabi challa:-  

A simple and sophisticated look can be completed using floral chabi challas. It will add up to the beauty of your lehanga without any doubt.

But as this is more delicate you need to take proper care of the jewelry. First is to order them in advance and refrigerate properly.  With the help of good refrigeration these jewelries can last up to three days.

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