Braided updo with flowers - Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
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Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles


In any girl’s life, marriage is the most memorable day. The beautiful dressing, makeup and hair styling make a bride look more beautiful. All around the world many brides go with different types of hairstyles. In India, there are also many different hair styles a bride goes with. Here are a few top Indian Bridal hairstyles.

  1. Hair braid decorated with flowers and netted flowers :  I am a south Indian so getting started with our traditional hair style. Many brides in south India go with this traditional, classic hair style. This is suited for all types of hair lengths and is braided with hair extensions too. Once the entire hair is braid, then different hair clips are used to pin them. Then it is tied with floral accessories. Without flowers, no bride is complete. So one can have braid decorated with flowers, pearls, golden accessories too. Now a day’s many readymade flower garlands (poola jada) are available in market. Most commonly, brides use maang tikka at the hair partition. Gold hair accessories are also common. This style is really common in south Indian weddings. Brides look really beautiful in this hairstyle.Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  2. Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  1. Princess Braid :  Though this hairstyle may be messy as it knot lower it creates an elegant    look. Bride can have this kind of hairstyle for mehendi or haldi or sangeet. You can go with this hairstyle if you have thin hair. It creates volumized look. You should leave the flicks hanging, tie one braid from one side or both and then tie a loose knot.Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  1. Braided up do with flowers: Here is another south Indian bridal hairstyle. Hair braided and then tightened into a bun and any round hair accessory can be placed in the center of the hair to add a delight look. Then the braid is completed with flowers like rose buds, lilies or jasmine. Even gold accessories can be added. This creates a beautiful look. Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  2. Braided updo with flowers - Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  1. Open and curly Hair style: Using styling comb or curling rod and a hair spray curls can be created easily and hairspray holds the styling longer. If a bride wants to keep hair open at pre wedding or post wedding party this is the best hair style. Center parting can be done to place a maang tika. The bride’s beauty will be enhanced with this hairstyle.Braided updo with flowers - Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  1. Curly Up do with Flowers: This is a beautiful hairstyle for brides, where a bride can go with this hairstyle for reception. This hairstyle is classy and creates a rich look. The curls create a beautiful look and the flowers add more beauty for the hairstyle. Bride can place the curls to one side and then add flowers to the other, so that it creates a balanced look. Big flowers like roses do this hairstyle awesome.Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  2. Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  1. Hair Bun with Braided hair. This hairstyle creates a volume look in front. This is another hairstyle and popular one. Few hair strands have to be taken from near the ear and then braid must be tied. Then take it across the head and pin near the other ear. The hair behind should be tied into nice bun with twists or curls or braid. Add hair accessories near front braid. This creates an elegant look to the bride.Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  2. Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
  1. Classic hairstyle with bun: Decorating hair with wide varieties of hair accessories is the popular bridal hairstyle. Women with long, thick hair can easily go with this hairstyle. The bun should be tied neatly and tight and decorated with pins, beads, pearls or kundan. The tikka must be placed in the center parting and then the side chains have to be hooked. This is the best bridal hairstyle and where a bride can place hair jewelry.Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles




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