Top 7 under eye creams available in India
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Top 7 under eye creams available in India


Dark circle is one of the most frightening thing that could happen to a woman. Simply, a raising issue in beauty care, a woman does every trick that is possible for her. Dark circles could be of many reasons. Stress, lack of good sleep, dehydration, fatigue and also not removing the make-up before going to sleep. Using an eye cream, helps in diminishing the effect of irregularity that one makes on keeping oneself stay beautiful, always! With markets introducing new age, tested and proved eyes creams, we bring you some best (top 7) under eye creams that are available in India.

Read to know about the creams.

1. Thalgo Eye roll on is one of the most luxurious cream which comes at a whopping price of INR 1700/-. This little tube of 15 ml, nourishes the eye and regenerates the cells around the affected area of the skin. One should use the cream quite regularly, in order to reduce the dark puffy eyes and also for a youthful self.  

2. What is best when a combination of aloevera and cucumber extracts brings a soothing effect on your puffy eyes? Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel brings you a cream to nourish the soft and sensitive skin around your eye area, at a price of INR 775. The rich extracts of cucumber cools off the tired skin and aloe vera helps to soothe and relax your eyes preventing from puffiness and darkness.


3. To get rid of the puffiness and dark aging spots, around the eyes, one can use Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel. This rich cream comes at a very normal price of INR 115/-. It helps way out the tiredness that forms a thin line, denoting pre-maturing aging.

4. To get rid of the dull and tired look of the eye and also to remove pre mature lines around your eyes, one of the most popular creams often used by woman is Shahnaz Husain – Shasmooth Almond under Eye Cream. The 40 gm jar of cream, comes at a price of INR 525 / -. It has rich extracts of almonds along with natural ingredients to remove the pigmentation and dark spots, giving you a fresh and radiant look.

5. One of the most raging creams in the market, which is really making its name, is Omved Eye Contour Rescue Gel. The cure of darkness under your eye, the cream is at a price of INR 375 /- for 15 gm quantity in a small bottle. It helps as in a smoothening cream which works on the wrinkles and dark spots.


6. One of the most convinced products is the cream by L’Oreal, among a woman’s beauty cosmetics. If you are looking for a cream which can give you a rejuvenating self and reduce the wrinkles then, L’Oreal Youth Code Eyes Cream comes at your rescue. The cream works its best, if used regularly, the charming effect of the cream shows quite instantly. With a price of INR 899 /- for a 15 ml jar bottle, the cream is quite a remarkable at its place.

7. One can surely try the best of product by Neutrogena: Fine Fairness Eye Cream, merely at a price of INR 250 /-, the 15ml tube bottle cream can be used in the morning and evening, after cleaning the face, fresh. The yeast extract helps to reduce the lines and also boost the process of dark circle removals. To look radiant and fresh, try using it regularly.

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