Use Cucumber to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
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Tired of Looking Tired? Use Cucumber to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Do you feel tired and week because of your eyes? It is sometimes really hard to feel fresh and active when your eyes are tired. Whether you were out partying with friends or working on a presentation into the wee hours of the night, puffy eyes and dark circles are signs of stress and exhaustion.

Fret not, as we have a simple ingredient which can be found in your kitchen and can help you get rid of your puffy eyes and dark circles. This magical ingredient is the cucumber. Cucumbers are a fantastic and natural remedy to get rid of puffiness as well as dark circles. There are many antioxidants present in cucumbers such as vitexin, cucurbitacins, isoscoparin and orientin along with vitamin K and C. These vitamins and antioxidants help to reduce the inflammation which causes puffiness and dark circles. So, you must eat cucumber as well as apply it under your eyes daily!

Here are a couple of more ways in which you can use cucumbers to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles-

Cucumber Slices- If you are looking to give your eyes instant relaxation, there is nothing better than icy cold cucumber slices. The antioxidants in the cucumber combined with the astringent qualities of the cucumber juice help in lightening the dark circles. Once the capillaries under the eyes have relaxed, it results in improved blood circulation.


  • Refrigerate the cucumber for about 30 minutes.
  • Cut the cucumber into thin slices.
  • Lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Apply the cut slices of cucumber on eyes.
  • Remove the slice every two minutes to replace by fresh-cut slices of cucumber.
  • Do it daily for 2 weeks for best results.

Cucumber Juice Ice Cubes– You have to simply apply cucumber juice ice cubes directly on your dark circles.


  • Extract the juice of cold cucumber in a blender or you can even grate the cucumber and squeeze the juice out from the pulp.
  • Freeze the juice in an ice cube tray.
  • Apply the ice cubes directly on the dark or the puffy area under the eyes.
  • Massage the ice cubes in circular motions to reduce puffiness.

Cucumber Juice on Cotton Pads– This is one of the most preferred and the most used ways to lighten dark circles.

Use Cucumber to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles


  • Extract juice from a cucumber.
  • Dip round cotton pads in the juice and apply the pads on your eyes.
  • Leave it on for 5 minutes and replace pads by another cucumber juice dipped cotton pads after every 5 minutes. Repeat for 20 minutes.
  • Do it daily, for best results.

Cucumber and Rose Water Eye Mask- 

One of the most effective home remedies for puffy eyes is cucumber and rose water eye mask.


  • Mix together one tablespoon of cucumber juice and rose water.
  • Soak cotton balls in the mixture and apply it on the puffy areas.
  • Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse off using cold water.
  • Repeat at least twice daily for a few days to get effective results.

Cucumber and Aloe Vera Mask-

Cucumber and aloe vera gel both have cooling properties, and is most effective for puffiness when used together.


  • Mix together 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice and aloe vera gel.
  • Put this paste in a bowl and refrigerate.
  • Apply the cold paste under your eyes before going to bed.
  • Gently massage the paste under your eyes, using your ring finger.
  • Wash it off with cold water.
  • Repeat every night for few weeks to get rid of puffy eyes.

Do let us know if you found these tips helpful!

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