benifits of vitamin e capsules for skin and hair
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How To Use Vitamin E Capsules For Skin & Hair


We all have come across various beauty products which claim to have Vitamin E as one of its main ingredients. Vitamin E is also used extensively in baby products as well. Vitamin E oil is beneficial for hair and skin. Vitamin E oils are great natural moisturizer to the skin and hair. This is found is the form of capsules rather than a bottle form.Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which is nothing less than a miracle worker for beautiful skin.

Soft Skin-

Vitamin E moisturizes the skin, also hydrates and replenishes dry skin. Moisturize and heal your skin by adding Vitamin E oil into your body lotion. Apply this onto your skin twice a day for hydrated, moisturized and healthy looking skin.


Hair Serum-

If you have frizzy hair and live in a place with humid weather, then try using Vitamin E oil hair serum to tame the flyaways. All you have to do is mix the Vitamin E oil capsule with 2 drops of jojoba oil and rub it on the hair where the frizz is there! You can even apply the same mixture on dry and damaged hair ends. This will further even protect your hair from sun damage.

Healthy and Thick Hair-

If you desire a head full of thick luscious hair, Vitamin E oil is all you should be using! Cut the Vitamin e oil capsule, squeeze the oil onto your palm and then massage it into your scalp and hair. This will not only speed up the process of hair growth but also make your hair damage free and super shiny!

Nail Cream-

Vitamin E oil helps rejuvenate dry and dull fingernails as brittle fingernails can chip off easily. Hydrate your fingernails by simply applying the oil directly onto your nails. In addition to this, do make sure to give your nails a breather from nail paints every once in a while!


Repairs Split Ends-

Girls, seal those split ends just by soaking them in Vitamin E oil!

All you have to do it make your own serum. Things you will need-

¼ cup of castor oil

2 tsp of Vitamin E oil

4 drops of rose essential oil

Mix well.

Apply this thickly prepared serum on your hair ends in order to moisturize and repair the split ends.

Scar Treatment-

Scars and blemishes can be lightened and completely removed using Vitamin E oil on a daily basis. Apply Vitamin E oil on acne scars or blemishes to repair the scar tissue which will result in lightening their appearance.

Repairs Chapped Lips-

Chapped lips can be very painful and are very off-putting. Vitamin e oil is one of the best things you can use for luscious, soft and plump lips. Heal your chapped lips by directly applying the oil onto your lips.

Written by – Tanisha Diwan

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