DIY Magical Face Pack- Get Glowing Skin instantly
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DIY Magical Face Pack- Get Glowing Skin instantly


Hello Everyone,

Let’s see, how to get fresh & glowing skin instantly.
Whenever you have a party or a function to attend and you have no time to get a good facial done, this pack will definitely give an instant glow to your skin.

Watch the video for more details 

For this, you will need only two ingredients, those are curd/yoghurt & salt

Benefits of Curd to the skin:
  • Curd is actually very good for your skin
  • It cleanses and exfoliates the skin very well & provides a natural gleam
  • It acts as a very good moisturiser
  • It helps in restoring your natural colour
  • It helps in reducing acne
  • It unclogs the pores and gives a natural shine to the skin


Benefits of Salt to the skin:
  • Salt is a gentle natural exfoliate that helps in removing the dead skin.
  • It also has minerals to soften the skin and restores hydration.
  • It helps to cleanse pores deeply and balance oil production
  • Take some fresh curd in a bowl and add a teaspoon of salt to it. Mix both the ingredients well until you get a nice consistency.
  • Now take some amount of the mixture, massage it on your skin for 5 – 10 mins.
  • In the video, I showed it on my hand, you can do the same on your face, body, neck, hands and feet.
  • After massaging for 10 mins, leave it on for about 10 mi. Then wash off with normal water.
  • After using this mask, make sure that you don’t use any soap or face wash for the day


This face mask has been my favourite for a long time now & believe me, this works as a great skin polisher.

In the video, you can notice an instant glow on your skin.

Do try it on your skin as well & let me know the results in the comments below.

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