7 tips for flat stomach
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7 Simple Ways to Flat Stomach


Flat stomach is every person’s dream today. In the world of glamour and awareness about physique there would be no one who would be willing to roam around with their heavy belly. Belly portions tend more to get out of shape because fewer amounts of targeted exercises followed for them. But no more, we have come up with most accurate and easy to follow steps that would give you flat stomach on regular following:

7 tips for flat stomach

Eat More Veggies and Less Junk Food:

Eating more food that is fruits and vegetables would add up to overall health of the body. They are rich sources of fiber, protein and nutrition. They provide healthy built up of muscles and improve your digestion and helps in removing fats. While junk foods just add into the fat level into your body. It is also observed that junk foods would make you feel sluggish all day.

Avoid Wine and Soda’s Opt for Pure Water:

Increase your water intake. Water would help your body get rid of toxins. Remember our body is not naturally not built to get fluffy it is our eating habits that is turning it into this. Once we are able to turn on our natural body rhythms all the issues would fade away. Increasing water intake would help in this step.


Eat More Proteins in Magic Hours:

Foods that are rich in proteins must be eaten in the magic hour. Magic hour of the day is 3p.m-4p.m. It is scientifically observed that in this hour protein intake would help in reducing belly fat.

Eat Balanced Diet on Timely and Regular Intervals:

Eating food that is balanced and diet made of the required nutrition for the body is very important. It is also important to manage your meal times in a routine. If you eat breakfast at 8a.m someday and at 11a.m someday it would create confusions for body. Our body has a natural process of saving fats and energy if it feels no nutrition has arrived on time. The more you skip your usual timings of food the more your body would store in fat making it hard for you to reduce.


Walk Daily:

Walk s much as you can. Routine activity walk at office, college or home is not enough. When you are having belly fat it is necessary to walk at least 30-45 minutes a day daily to reduce this fat structure.

Start Abs Exercise:

Abs exercises play a key role in reducing belly fat. You can try out two or three abs exercises daily. You can also stick to any one exercise for your routine and follow it daily. It can be any abs exercise that you are comfortable with.

Reduce your Dairy Intake:

Healthy dairy eating is good. But many times we are switching to over eating of dairy products. It happens with everyone do not worry. After all dairy products are so tasty hardly anyone would be able to resist them. Try to keep the quantity of dairy products to minimum amount and strongly avoid over eating them no matter how much you love it. This is the reason your jeans size are never going down.


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