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Tulips cotton pads review


Hey all ,

Hope everyone is doing great. Every day has something new to learn and something new to buy 😀 I was looking for some cotton pads which would fit in my budget and finally got these .I got them from a supermarket here in hyderabad and these are also easily available online with some offers.These are ideal for applying lotions , toners , removing make up and nail polish


img 1
How to use  :Dab the liquid on the pad and apply it on your skin

Price : 75 rs. For a pack of 50 pcs

What Tulips cotton pads claim:
Pure cotton, clean , soft and highly absorbent suitable for cleaning baby’s delicate skin.

  • Super soft
  • Lint free
  • Dual textured
  • Stitched edges


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My take on Tulips cotton pads:

Until recently I was using some regular cotton from medical shops . I’ve seen many cotton balls and rounds but never felt like switching to them. Some how , I came across articles on these cosmetic cotton rounds and finally decided to buy them. I came to know how rough the regular cotton is , after using these cotton pads. The regular hospital ones scratches the skin super badly.Specially when I use it under eye area.And I can actually feel the difference after using these cotton pads. These are very gentle on the skin. And these pads are dual textured . One side is light textured and the other is compact textured. The light textured surface can be used for applying lotions and creams as well as for removing make up. The compact textured surface is used for applying liquids such a toner and also for removing nail polish. I love using them for removing eye make up. These are very gentle on the delicate skin over there.



img 4
One round is enough for applying toner for my face and neck . and I need 2 of them for removing whole make up from my face. They don’t leave any traces of cotton on the skin. I also use them as eye pads. I just make these pads wet , refrigate for a few min and use as eye pads. I love using them as eye pads. You can also use rose water for the same.
These pads have stiched edges , but while using them , the two surfaces gets separated . But it is not at all a problem and it will not get messy.


These are available in cotton balls also but I prefer using these only . Because I believe these are more soft and gentle on the facial skin. These can also be used for baby’s skin . And the other thing is that , whenever u get hurt might be in your kitchen or some where else , when you put the regular cotton, it gets sticked . This will become a problem when you try to remove that and is also painful. So , these pads can also be used for that purpose.
Finally I am very happy with these and I recommend these to every one.If you want to go for a budget buy , you should definitely try these.


img 6
Pros :

  • Pure , clean and soft cotton
  • Very gentle on skin
  • Dual textured
  • Highly absorbent
  • Ideal for removing makeup and toning
  • Lint free
  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • Can be used as eye pads


  • Storaging might be a problem .

Rating : 4/5

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