honey for oily skin
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Simple Home Remedies For Oily Skin

[777] Oily skin is more prone to black heads , pimples and acne.  Touching the skin with your hands is totally unhygienic because that results in transferring bacteria from your hands to your face. Oily skinned people should select their makeup products very carefully. Water based products and cosmetics are always the best. Oil free moisturizers can help you to some extent. Moisturising is very important for all skin types. Apart from all these ,cleansing , exfoliating and toning regularly is very important for oily skin. Always remove your makeup before going to bed no matter how tired you are. Follow up with cleansing and moisturising.

Here are Some home remedies for oily skin :

Lemon :

Lemon is the best home made remedy for oily skin. Slice a lemon into half and rub your face gently in circular motions ( or squeeze the juice and apply it with a cotton ball ). This will absorb excess oil from your skin . Doing this regularly reduces your acne to a noticeable extent.

Lemon for oily skin

Honey :

Mix equal quantities of honey and lime juice and apply it your face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash your face. Apply it thrice a week , you can notice a glowing skin.

honey for oily skin



Cleanse your face with your favourite cleanser , Steam your face for a few minutes and apply a mask made of besan (chickpea flour) and yoghurt . Leave it for sometime and rinse with warm water.

Steam for oily skinHoly basil:

Boil some water with holy basil leaves and some turmeric .Let it boil for some time. Steam your face with this water for a few minutes. Doing this supplies enough nutrition for your skin and also reduces pimples.You can also take some holy basil leaves , blend them by adding some water and make it a thick paste. Apply it on your face and leave on for somethime. Then rinse. Applying it regularly reduces your pimples and acne.

holy Basil for oily skin


Apple has the quality of absorbing excess oil from your skin. So whenever you are going to attend a party , just before applying your makeup put some apple slices on your nose , fore head , chin and wherever you feel oily. Let them stay in contact with your skin for sometime. It absorbs all excess oil making your skin fresh and glowing.

Apple for oily skin

Rose water :

Rose water is a perfect toner for oily skin. You can use your favourite one or you can prepare it yourself. Take some amount on a small piece of cotton apply over face and neck. You can do this when you are done with scrubbing your face or after washing your face. You can also mix it in your face packs.

Rose water for oily skin

Orange peel :

Orange peel powder is another nice remedy. Peel the oranges and dry the peels until they dry completely and become hard. Grind them , add same amount of besan (chickpea flour)  and some drops of olive oil. Make it a paste . Apply it to your skin and rinse after sometime.

Orange for oily skin


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