Berina Hair Heat Protector review
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Berina Hair Heat Protector Price & Review


What actually do  heat protectants do ? Does your hair really need it ?
Answer would be Yes
  • They act as a barrier  on the cuticles
  • They just help in MINIMISING the damage

Berina Hair Heat Protector review

Claims :

If You Can’t be parted from your hair straighteners or curling wand, a heat protection product is essential to help protect your hair from heat. A great way to give day-old hair a new life ,it has a weightless finish which protects hair from heated hair tools without leaving a sticky or greasy residue,making the no product feel a great all-round choice for ever hair type .

Berina hair protector contains pro-vitamins B5 with two system of milky spray .This product guards against heat and friction to keep your hair shiny and incredibly soft.

Berina Hair Heat Protector review

Direction For Use :

  • Rinse hair will before the application of berina heat protector.
  • Blow hair untill almost dry.
  • Then apply berina heat protector thoroughly all over the hair
  • Apply hair iron or dryer and style as desire

Price : INR 520 for 230 ml.

You can buy from Flipkart HERE

Berina Hair Heat Protector review

My Experience :

I very rarely use hair straighteners. If i had to do , i make sure i use a heat protectant spray. Because the damage caused by hair straighteners , is very high even if you use it once in a while. I really wanted to try the tresemme one , but sadly it is not available in India. Berina heat protector comes in a cute green color plastic spray bottle which is transparent. The cap is loose .It often comes out whenever i try to carry it while travelling , though it prevents any leakages. So one needs to be careful of not loosing it . It has a long shelf life of 3 years ,I love it when such products have long shelf lives , so that even if you can’t use it more regularly , you don’t feel that you’ve wasted money on it.  I actually bought it when my beautician suggested me around an year ago. That time it was only available in professional salons & on few online stores. But now people started liking it & is widely available online.


It has a fruity fruity fragrance which is so pleasant. It is a white foamy liquid which forms bubbles after shaking it well. After using a straightener / curling iron , the smell turns out to be more nice . It is meant to be used on dry hair before using any kind of heat tools . I usually use it with my straightener . I divide my hair into small sections & use it on each section just before ironing it . I can feel the difference after using it . It actually prevents hair from taking more heat & thus protection the hair . It also makes hair soft & silky adding shine . If i use a straightener without using a protectant , it makes my hair very dry  & my ends very frizzy. So, this product helps my hair from damage to a great extent. But using it in excess , gives a greasy look .Being my first ever hair protectant , i am very much impressed by this product & i suggest this one to everyone who uses straighteners & curling tools.

Berina Hair Heat Protector review


  • Stands up to its claims
  • Protects hair from heat
  • Makes har smooth & silky
  • Cute packaging
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Fruity fragrance
  • Easily available online

Berina Hair Heat Protector review


  • Cap becomes loose after regular usage
  • Price
  • Excess usage makes hair greasy

Rating : 4.2/5


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