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Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion Review


Hello all,

Today I’m going to review about Himalaya herbals face moisturizing lotion. I love Himalaya products. I always buy one or the other product from Himalaya. May be the word ‘herbals’ attracts me the most. Almost all Himalaya products worked for me. Many people out there like the results and effectiveness of Himalaya products.. For healthy and good looking skin , moisturising is one of the important steps.. so we always need a good moisturiser which suits our skin type.




Long back when I saw this moisturising lotion , I thought this was a body lotion .. beacause I never saw a face moisturising lotion in such a huge bottle before :-p . I was quite excited to buy this beacause it has aloevera and wheat germ oil in it. I always love to try out new creams for my face.. And when I saw the term “non greasy “ , I quickly grabbed it . beacause many a times my t-junction gets oily and greasy in no time. Let’s see how this product worked out for me


Price : INR 140

You can buy HERE

Directions to use : Apply all over the face and neck with gentle upward strokes.

Consistency : very runny

Shelf life: 3 years from mfg

Ingredients : Aloe Vera (Kumari) Oil (Godhuma)


What Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion claims :
A gentle blend of herbal extracts that restores skin vitality, rehydrates your skin and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Enriched with Aloe Vera, a natural moisturizer and Wheat germ Oil, a rich source of natural Vitamin E”. Non greasy. Protects your skin from damage caused by pollution and harsh sun rays.
Anti oxidant properties nourish the skin. Makes skin soft and smooth.Perfect as a base for makeup.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • No harmful chemicals


My Take on  Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion :
This moisturising lotion comes in a white and green bottle with a green flip open cap . The bottle is sturdy and cap is also enough tight for preventing any leakages..I’m already on my second bottle now.. The first one’s cap was tight enough but the second bottle’s cap was broken as soon as I got to my house The consistency of the product is very runny .One need to be very careful while using it. Lot of times I wasted the product. A small quantity is enough for the entire face and neck. Coming to the fragnance , it has a very pleasant smell which doesn’t irritate your nose.. and the smell doesn’t linger on for a long time.


This lotion takes few seconds to get absorbed.. I generally apply it with a slight massage.. But after getting completely absorbed , it wont make your skin oily and it is very light on the skin.. This is the best part of this lotion.It doesn’t leave a shiny residue after applying. So this one suits oily skin as well.As mentioned , it can be used as a base for makeup.. I love using this one as a base. Because this is so light and doesn’t get heavy with the foundations. This gives a smooth, calming effect to the skin and a moisturised look. So this lotion goes well eith sensitive skin types also.
But the one negative point is that , it doesn’t have a sun protection in this.I need to apply sunscreen separately. Or else it would be the best option for me in summers. In winters , this one is not enough.. As our skin tend to become more dry in summers , cold creams are perfect in winters. But in the remaining seasons I use this.. I have a combinational type of skin , so this lotion goes well.



  • Nice moisturising effect
  • For all skin types
  • Good base for makeup
  • Pleasant fragnance
  • Leak proof bottle
  • Small quantity is enough to cover entire face and neck


  • Consistency is very runny
  • Takes few seconds to get absorbed
  • Not suitable for winters
  • No sun protection

Rating : 4/5

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