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7 tips to play a safe HOLI


Everyone is eagerly awaiting the festival of colors – HOLI . It is one of the most fun filled festivals.. But playing it safe is very important . Holi can be enjoyed in its true sense , if we follow these simple tips before and after playing holi.
7 tips to play a safe holi.
1. Avoid using synthetic colors as they are very harmful to your skin. Start using natural colors . These days organic colors are very easily available in the market , or you can prepare at your home. For example , For red color use red sandalwood powder ,yellow color use natural turmeric powder , green color use henna powder and so on…
2. Wear full -sleeved cotton clothes . This is a good way to protect your body from the damage caused by synthetic colors which are very harsh on your skin.
3. Apply a thick layer of oil(coconut/mustard) on the exposed parts of the body like face, neck &hair until it is completely absorbed. Do this atleast an hour before you step out. This will make your skin greasy, preventing colors from settling down into the skin . This will also help you to wash off colors easily.
4. Color your nails girls ! Put atleast 2 coats of nail polish (preferably a bold coloured one). This will help your nails from getting stained.
5. Use sunglasses to cover your eyes. Harmful colors can result in eye irritation. While playing , if the color gets into your eyes, avoid rubbing them , instead rinse them with clean water.
6. Avoid over-washing your skin with soaps. This will cause rashes. Instead use cleansers or take a piece of cloth dipped in coconut oil to remove the colors. Gently rub it on colors. Donot overdo the shampoo as well .
7. Donot hesitate to visit a doctor if your eye’s get itchy or if you develop any rashes .
Hope  you have a colourful holi 🙂

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