how to look beautiful without makeup
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6 Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. More so, in the subject seen by them. True beauty is not about having the perfect features or being drop-dead gorgeous. It is about accentuating your assets, flaunting your best and loving your own skin. It is about letting your inner self shine, and engulfing the world with a touch of care.

While true beauty goes way beyond your hair color and the shape of your eyes, physical attributes do score brownie points everywhere. Here are a few tips that would make ‘no-makeup’ sound a little less scary.

how to look beautiful without makeup


Makeup or bare, skincare is paramount! Basic tips are essential and work wonders. Make sure you are always hydrated. Drink plenty of water and make sure your skin is moisturized. A correct cleansing and moisturizing regime goes a long way in preventing sagging and wrinkles. A naturally glowing skin is always a hand above that layer of foundation ladies!


You may not be a scene out of Vogue but everyone is blessed with attributes that are envy to millions. A beautiful, well plucked brow can enhance your best parts and bring out your attributes like none other. Soft, pretty lips are a die-for and a line of mascara can make your eyes stand out like a bling!


Almost every beauty treatment will involve a long and extensive hair care session. Because when it comes to appearance, nothing beats a beautiful mane. Healthy and well kept hair adds the oomph to every look, glamorous or laid back. Maintain a strict hair regimen and make sure your hair is always clean. Get a cut that suits your face and stay away from products that can harm your lovely tresses.

6 tips to look beautiful without makeup


Pamper yourself. In and out! Nothing will ever surpass the need for a good metabolism. From a healthy life to a glowing skin, your body can be your best friend if you choose to keep it happy. Eat healthy, anti-oxidant rich food to avoid all sorts of skin troubles. Add proteins to your diet for those locks. Top it with well-timed beauty sleep and you are ready to turn heads wherever you go!



No, you don’t need to have that perfect ramp figure to look gorgeous. But maintaining a fit body can go a long way. Exercise well and cut down those carbs for reasons more than one. Also, your gait speaks volumes about your overall personality. And a stand-out personality is sure to win more approvals than a pretty face any day.


Head up princess! A dash of confidence and self-esteem adds oodles of positives to the way others see you. A confident lady radiates positivity and carries around her, an aura of significance that is hard to miss. Always feel pretty and cheery about yourself, no matter what the world brings to you. Engulf the people around you in your bright cheerful smile and watch them melt in your grace.

6 tips to look beautiful without makeup

Good looks won’t get you everywhere you’d like to be, but they certainly won’t stop you on your way to the top. A well-groomed personality signifies discipline and sincerity to work as well as to one’s own self. With all the make-up plastered to your face, the idea of no-make-up may seem bizarre and close to a nightmare, but as long as you have a natural look worth flaunting, it’s okay to shed those layers and let the world love you for what you are behind the mirrors!


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