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    10 Best Hairstyles Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu

    1Samantha Ruth Prabhu is without a doubt one of the most beautiful South Indian actresses. She is blessed with flawless skin, big beautiful eyes and luscious long hair, which she styles with such elegance; she never fails to impress her fans. We have curated some of her best hairstyles for you to take inspiration from, have a look- 1.      The Elegant Bun Style This is one of the looks which levitate Samantha into an Indian style goddess. This bun hairstyle compliments her traditional look perfectly in the silky satin saree and Indian jewelry! We can’t get over the side parting curly and wavy hair strands! She is simply just gorgeous!  2.      The…

  • 10 Simple Ways to Transform your Room

    10 Simple Ways to Transform your Room

    Are you one of those persons who get bored of their room easily? Don’t worry! We have some great ideas wherein you don’t need to spend a lot of money to spice things up in your room and make it look stylish. In fact, do you know you give your room a super chic look without spending much money? Before you start with anything, Decluttering is the key to transforming your room. So, go ahead and get rid of the furniture you don’t need as well as clothes and other things you don’t need. This will make a lot of space in your room! We haven’t come across anyone who…

  • Use Cucumber to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
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    Tired of Looking Tired? Use Cucumber to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

    Do you feel tired and week because of your eyes? It is sometimes really hard to feel fresh and active when your eyes are tired. Whether you were out partying with friends or working on a presentation into the wee hours of the night, puffy eyes and dark circles are signs of stress and exhaustion. Fret not, as we have a simple ingredient which can be found in your kitchen and can help you get rid of your puffy eyes and dark circles. This magical ingredient is the cucumber. Cucumbers are a fantastic and natural remedy to get rid of puffiness as well as dark circles. There are many antioxidants…

  • Cheat Your Way Into Looking Slimmer

    Cheat Your Way Into Looking Slimmer

    Do you work out regularly but still have those days when you feel bloated? And coincidently is that the day you have to go partying with your friends? Don’t worry girls! The experts from the fashion industry have tried and tested a number of things to make us look and feel slimmer and hence we have put together the best tips and tricks for you so you can look slimmer and feel more confident on the days you feel bloated. A Basic V-Neck T-shirt V-neck is classic, versatile and slimming! However, there are a set of rules to be followed to ace this flattering neckline. Make sure you wear a…

  • Honeymoon Essentials - Packing Checklist

    Honeymoon Essentials – Packing Checklist

    Let’s admit it, girls, we have all dreamt about how fantastic our honeymoon will be someday! However, it seems to be that one part of the wedding that many brides-to-be completely put off planning until the last minute. While there is no rule that says you have to take a suitcase full of brand new clothes on your honeymoon, you will want to bring some new and special dresses to help make this trip memorable! Essentially your packing list will be determined by your honeymoon destination. A bride packing for her honeymoon at a tropical resort may not need as much luggage (c’mon who are we kidding?) because bikinis and…

  • Types of Popular Indian Jewelry - Enhance Your Ethnic Wear

    Types of Popular Indian Jewelry – Enhance Your Ethnic Wear

    Indian Traditional Jewellery is the ornament every bride looks for to enhance their beauty! There are styles galore, each one different from the other and each one resplendent with their own iridescent gleam.  The different types are kundan, meenakari, polki, and so on. The look of an Indian bride is incomplete without jewelry. It helps to enhance the beauty of the Indian bridal couture. Before you set out to buy the traditional Indian Jewellery, it is first important to know for what purpose you are buying the same. With so much of choice all around it is difficult to choose the different categories of Indian jewelry available, different kinds cater to different…

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    Online Shopping Website Review – Jivaana.com

    Hello Everyone, I am going to review a website today! It’s Jivaana.com. I quite like their unique name. I came across this website while I was searching for some nice ethnic wear Jewellery for my friend’s wedding. Searching for jewellery online is quite difficult these days as there are many websites out there and you don’t get to find the ones you really want in one place. Jivaana is one such site where you can find all your ethnic stuff without compromising on the quality. They have a huge collection of ethnic clothing, beautiful jewellery and accessories, footwear for all the special occasions. Being a Jewellery lover, I will be…

  • full body exfoliation at home
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    Exfoliating from Head to Toe: A Step-by-step Guide

    [777] Exfoliating is a good way of keeping your skin healthy and fresh. It refers to the process of sloughing off dead skin cells, oil buildup, dirt and residue from the surface so that fresh, young skin shines through. It’s not just something you do for your face – exfoliating other parts of your body can be extremely beneficial. Exfoliation helps promote blood circulation and aids in cell renewal. However, not all exfoliants and exfoliators are made equal. Certain areas require more specialized care than others. Below is our ultimate head-to-toe guide to exfoliation and the different types of exfoliators you should use for each body part. Scalp Exfoliating can…

  • Disha Patani's Best Hairstyle Inspirations
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    Disha Patani’s Best Hairstyle Inspirations

    [777] Not only the boys are crushing on Disha Patani but even the girls are following her style statement.  The actress made her entry with the blockbuster movie M.S Dhoni and is known for keep on changing hairstyles. She is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses in the Bollywood. No matter she is on red carpet, party or for some promotional event, she rocks the floor with her presence. This new fashionista in B-town is taking over the fashion throne with her killing looks, the way she dresses up, carries herself and of course with her hairstyles. She is seen in the news due to her Sexy looks and hair…

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    8 best hairstyles of Kriti Sanon

    [777] The talented actor Kriti Sanon never fails to make a statement whether she’s at promotions, shootings, holidaying or on the red carpet. And just when you’ve thought the actor has tried just about every look, she’ll be back at it again with a new, daring style that us mere mortals could never pull off. From the bouncy waves to her perky braids , we’ve rounded up that she has the most epic hairstyles she’s rocked throughout her career so far. Kriti is someone who doesn’t like to like to stick to one style. Ever changing hairstyles is her signature.She’s a box full of versatility whether it’s her fashion sense…