• How to get smooth & silky hair naturally
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    How To Get Smooth and Silky Hair Naturally

    [777] Who doesn’t want to have smooth and silky hair naturally without applying chemically laden products? Healthy hair has the outer layer with natural oils that provides natural shine and moisture but if it is damaged then it looks dry and dull. The factors causing this damage can be anything including illness, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to harmful sun rays and pollution, etc. But not to worry since your kitchen has all those natural ingredients that give that shine back to your hair. Eggs: Mix egg white with some olive oil and honey. Apply this to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual with cold…

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    Top 7 Hair care secrets for Gorgeous Long Hair

    [777] Every woman has complaints regarding her hair . These 7 hair care secrets will definitely change your life . Along with a healthy balanced diet  , these tips are really useful for gorgeous and shiny hair .   Dont wash your hair vey often : Avoid regular washing your hair everyday. It can damage your hair as shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils drying it out .Washing your hair once every two or three days will actually make you hair healthy. Ideally use herbal shampoos . But if you do any exercise that makes your scalp particularly sweaty or if you use any other hair sprays that…