• Hairstyles For The Sister Of The BrideOr Groom
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    Hairstyles For Bride Or Groom’s Sister

    [777] Being sister of the bride or the groom means two things- one, you are super busy taking care of the sisterly responsibilities that our siblings have happily dumped on us and two, we have no times we have no time to take care of our hair and make-up needs. But don’t you worry girls; we have put together a list of some amazing hairstyles that you can don during the wedding functions. Pick the one that suits your face and hair length and most importantly, the one that complements your outfit! Super Straight- One of the hottest trends of 2017 is the super straight hair! This year is kicking…

  • Bollywood stars on their wedding day

    Bollywood Celebrities on their Wedding Day

    [777] We all have seen our favorite Bollywood actors getting hitched on screen quite a couple of time but then we also have seen them on their wedding days. We gasp in shock when we get to know that, a celebrity got married in a hush ceremony. We also get super curious when the wedding is announced by the celebrities. We want to know every inch of the detailed affair, in and out of their wedding. Therefore, here are few Bollywood celebrities on their wedding day, you might want to know, how ravishing they looked and all about the extravagant wedding that they had in the Bollywood history. 1. Shahid…