Winter Skincare Survival Guide

Winter Skincare Survival Guide

‘Tis the season of hot chocolate!! Although the best thing about winters is drinking hot chocolate on a cold chilly night snuggled in bed with your loved one and the oversized sweaters. You need to pay extra attention to your skin and change your beauty routine. Itchy & flaky scalp, cracked heels, dry skin and chapped lips are a few problems that will take a toll on your skin. But don’t worry as we have compiled a list of must-have winter skin care product to shoo away the winter woes and leave you looking radiant. 

Lip Balm- 

Winter Skincare Survival Guide

Chapped lips are a winter beauty bummer, aren’t they? If your perfect pout is chapped after a long day then the good old lip balm will do the trick. If you want to go the extra mile to make your lips oh-so-kissable then use a scrub made from just two ingredients found in your kitchen. All you have to do is mix some sugar with olive oil and use it as a scrub for your lips. 

Nourishing Oil for Hair- 

The winter season can leave your scalp itch and hair brittle. Obviously, we as kids never listened to our grandmothers and let them do champi but literally the only solution to dry and damaged hair is your grandmother’s champi. So go and make your grandmother happy and ask her to give you a champi. In this season, it’s a must that you follow a good hair care routine by just massaging your hair with some warm hair oil. This simple step will leave you with long luscious hair.

Body Oil- 

Winter Skincare Survival Guide

Lotions and moisturisers are great but what’s better than that? Body oils! Why are they better? They are better because they are made from natural ingredients. Also, your skin will absorb them more quickly than lotions so it won’t leave a greasy film on your skin. So switch to body oils today! 

Tip- Apply body oil on damp skin as it will absorb the oils faster.

Dry Shampoo- 

Got an oily scalp? Need to wash your hair every day? We have the perfect solution to your lazy girl problems- while washing your hair in the winters is a task in itself; it also strips your hair and scalp off natural oils. The perfect solution is dry shampoo! This shampoo lets you skip a day in between your hair wash.


Winter Skincare Survival Guide

If you want soft and glowing skin even in the cold season, you must exfoliate. Use a loofah to scrub your body while taking a bath, this small step will go a long way in keeping your skin soft and also free from any in-growths. In case you wear make-up every day, then you must scrub your face at least thrice a week if not daily.


Tip- Always use a scrub with small granules as they are gentle on the skin.

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