MAC LustreGlass Lipstick Set Review

Mac LustreGlass Lipstick Set Review

MAC is also known as MAC cosmetics. The full form of MAC is make- up Art Cosmetics. It has its headquarters in New York City. . This company was founded in Canada, Toronto in 1984.  In today’s world , this company is so famous that all the women and girls’ are crazy about it’s products.  MAC has several of products such as eye shadows, lipsticks, lip liners, lip gloss, all types of compacts and foundations, skin care products and many more products. All the MAC products are oil free which do not harm the skin of any consumer who is using. Firstly the MAC products were made for the professional purpose but gradually all the girls and the women have started using these products. All the products of this company are available on the showrooms of MAC and almost at all shopping malls.

Mac LustreGlass Lipstick Set Review

Mac LustreGlass Lipstick Set Review

Now talking about the lip gloss set which MAC has launched few years back. This gloss set is highly recommended by the girls specially the college going girls because it is waterproof and it stays for longer time as compared to other lip glosses. It is very cheap compared to other products from this brand and any one can afford it. This set of lip-gloss has many shades in it. It never chaps our lips and  it’s worth buying 600rs lip gloss set because it is long lasting. This product is rarely available but at lifestyle showroom it is all the time available. This lip gloss set has six colours which can go with any of the dresses. And can suit anybody.

Mac LustreGlass Lipstick Set Review

Mac LustreGlass Lipstick Set Review

Below are the details of the shades in MAC LustreGlass set:

One of the colors is fashion scoop which is also described as “clear pink”. It is pale, light medium pink with very fine white shimmer. It has a milky quality that made it uneven. But there is one drawback of this colour that it only long lasts for two to three hours. The next shade is dressed to dazzle which is described as “pink tinted with silver sparkle”. It is pale, neutral-cool light pink with lighter pink and pale gold sparkle. It lasts for 4 to 5 hours. It is more shiner than the fashion scoop. But is a shimmery shade and gives lips a good look. One colour is colour saturation which is described as “dark cool wine cream”. It has a cool toned, berry red shade which almost goes with one pieces and gowns. It long lasts for 5 to 6 hours. This set is very nice and gives good look on the dresses or jeans and top. These colours can be worn by women of any age group.


My Experience:

This was my first lip gloss set from MAC. I just love this brand and think of buying it again and again. This set comes in black colour body, with a brush inside it, and the cover is very attractive. But the brush seems very small for using. It also has a glass at the front (transparent) from where you can see what all shades are there in the set. The company name is also mentioned on the glass. It is not too pricey nor to cheap. It comes for 600rs in which it has six shades. In which 3 three shades have a shimmery tone and the rest have a matte finish. All the six shades long last for 3 to 4 hours on an average and leave colored tints behind. Finally  it is worth buying for it’s price.

Mac LustreGlass Lipstick Set Review


  • Very attractive
  • Creamy
  • Around 45 sets to pick from.
  • Glossy
  • Glass packing
  • Very well pigmented
  • Affordable
  • Good staying power


  • Brush is too small to apply
  • Only for white complexion women’s and girls

 Rating : 4/5

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  1. All shades seems lovely. I didn’t know anything in MAC has such a low price. I need to check it out immediately. Thanks for the swatches dear 🙂

  2. Sherya… I love Mac products, I bought my first pair of fake lashes there. The lipgloss has some really great colors.. too bad there were not more shades xox ♡

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