15 Simple & Trendy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Managing hair is a task which every women face in her daily life, and styling them is even more herculean task. Everyday visiting parlour is not an option either. Here are some simple and trendy hairstyles for medium length hair which can change your bored hair into an exciting piece of fun. These can be done without anyone’s supervision. Get the magic in your hand to style hair at home and turn yourself into a diva.

1. Easy Chignon: The low rolled updo
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
It is a 5- minute hairstyle. It started with tying up a ponytail near the neck, the rolling the hair up like a bun and firming it with bobby pins.

2. Braided Chignon
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
The above photograph depicts a trendy and elegant hairstyle. Braided hair makes the chignon look voluminous. Party time decoded!

3. Twisted French bun
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
A look which is perfectly designed for a corporate chic. Spiced up look in office which spurs anxiety among colleagues. Queen of mass-market look decoded.

4. High ponytail with slight puff
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Going out for a casual dining with friends, this is the style which will suit any attire you decide for the evening.

5. Fishtail braid
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Regular three strand hair braids have started irritating you. It’s better to change the mood. Trying the fishtail braid will make your hair look voluminous as well as it protects the hair from getting worn out at the ends. Decorate the braid with small pearl bobby pins to make it look more attractive.

6. Waterfall Braid
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Do you wish to keep your hair open and try a hairstyle too? Then water braid is the solution to it. This hairstyle rejuvenates the kid in you. A must do hairstyle for the trendsetters.

7. Crochet braid ponytail
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Fond of crochet designs? Here we have crochet braid ponytail for you. Be a little dramatic with fashion sense, it will create a altogether different aura around you.

8. Chinese staircase braid
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
No need to visit China to learn their hairstyle. We get you the best among those hairstyles. Dress up your ponytail with this style. Give a dazzle to your hair.

9. Bow ponytail
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Are you in love with bows? Then you have picked your style. Be the Mini Mouse of Disneyland. Tie your hair into a bow and earn the beauty pageant of Disneyland.

10. The knot hawk style
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
You seem to love you hair more than anything. Try this unique fashion of trying your hair. It pulls out the style statement gracefully.

11. The Dutch braid
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
You may be or not a citizen of Netherlands but you can style like a Dutch princess. Three hair strands braided inside out to give you the above look. It is an opposite style of braided which we normally do. Be fabulous.

12. Headband braids
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
No headband required. Hair braided in a fashion of headband. Love the hype this style gives you. This style is perfect for any day outing.

13. Infinity braid
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Instead of using hair bands or clips to tie hair, use this style.

14. Messy Bun
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Loose and tousled bun fixed with hair spray. This hairstyle is ideal for summer season or beach side vacation.

15. Rosette flower braid hairstyle
15 hairstyles fror medium hair
Have you seen the animated movie called Frozen. If you haven’t then you have missed best hairstyles. Well don’t be disappointed. This style is no less than hairstyles shown in that movie. Become a starlet of flower valley.

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