Top 10 Outfits of Sonam Kapoor

Sonam kapoor best outfits-pink lace gown

Sonam kapoor surprises us each time with her style. She really has a great fashion sense. She can pull off any kind of style at ease. These outfits will prove you that sonam kapoor is the best dressed diva in the town.

Sonam kapoor best outfits-pink lace gown

Sonam kapoor best outfits- yellow sheer saree

Sonam kapoor best outfits-floral gown

Sonam kapoor best outfits-anamika khanna

Sonam kapoor best outfits- cream color gown



Sonam kapoor best outfits - disney shirt


Sonam kapoor best outfits- blue saree

Sonam kapoor best outfits- white and black dress

Sonam kapoor best outfits - cannes 2014

Sonam kapoor best outfits- floral skirt


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  1. I like her very much, she dances well, is sweet, and these dresses are amazing! My favorite is the saree worn with those great pearl accessories! She really looks stunning! I think I will copy the accessories!

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