Best hair styles for round face

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

For a round face person, not every hair style looks good. The few, who have short hair can take better advantage of experimentation. However, who has long hair, can take risks and still have fun.
Below are some of the best style suggestions, you sure can try on.

1. Front Strands

Best Hairstyles For Round Face
To hide some width of your round face, best way to cheat is to do the strands at the front, loose and keep the rest of the hair tied up either in a pony or braid or else bun.

2 . Chic Headband

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

One of the cutest and perfect hairstyles to go with a headband for short hair peeps. Parting hair deeply on one side, letting a few strands in the front hang loose, and ensuring headband stays on the crown of your head. Girls in early 20’s should definitely try this. You can also get highlights on first few strands either in electric blue or purple color to be little sassy.

3 . Straight Look-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

Don’t want to take risk? Well, who said to take? Just adorn, centered partitioned flat iron straight hair look, adding essential oil for extra shine. It will make your round face look more accentuated

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4. Bold Bang-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

Getting bang fringe is really bold in itself. It’s never out of hairstyle fashion. Not only it makes you look sassy, it also makes you look confident. This look can look great both on long wavy length hair and also on shoulder long hair.

5 . Pony-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

Pull up your hair and tie it up in a pony. It adds height as well as giving you enough volume to underplay the roundness of your face. You can also try side style pony as well. It works best for an office day and also for movie night.

6. Bun-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

Going out for a dinner with your loved one’s or for a party, try low tied bun. It makes you look classy with perfect poise. You can also experiment with keeping your long side bangs loose and tie your hair into a semi loose bun. Minimal make up should be kept in mind, only focusing on kohl eyes and wearing the right lipstick color.

7. Layers-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

One of the simplest way to look classy is to side part your long beautiful hair at one end and let them loose in curls. Layers can never be out of fashion date.

8. Pixie-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

Girls of all ages, should for one time definitely try pixie look. For petite face, pixie cropped in layers gives the best look; creating a very slight tousled look. It’s very easy to handle and one of the most sort out hairstyle.

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9. Loose-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face
One of the sorted and simplest way to keep your hair is to let it be loose. It perfectly hides the round face; avoid tucking your long wavy or straight hair behind your ears. Keep them all forward. It will make you tall and elegant. For the best feature, remember to keep it minimal focusing mainly on your lips.

10. Asymmetrical Bob-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face
To define your round face, getting uneven short layered bob cut (till shoulders) is one idea of sporting a stylish look. It’s quite easy to handle and makes you look much younger. Women who work in the corporate world (specially), can really make a style statement with this Asymmetrical Bob hair style.

11 . Half-up, Half-down-

Best Hairstyles For Round Face

As much as it sounds fun, sporting such a chic look is fun too. To look glamourous for a cocktail party, all you to do – neatly part and pin up once side of your hair and let the other side off the loose hair neatly styled down, like the 20’s.

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