10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

If you are planning to style printed pants this time then get to know that they are available in many shapes like cropped, skinny, flowy, wide leg, etc. The types of prints also vary a lot. A pant may have just two colors or more than two. Those with two colors are easy to carry than the multiple colored pants. Few look cute with a light colored pant and dark prints on it while few look chic with dark background and multicolored prints on it. So, before you get one for yourself, make sure if you can style it well or not. Whether it is for brunch or for your workspace, just follow few tips and style your pants.

  1. Be casual

If you prefer a casual look, then get a floral pant and pair it with a casual tee. This makes one easy to carry a printed pant. Get suitable accessories and keep it minimal since if you wear them excessively, it may look odd. Simply, you can wear booties and carry a slouchy bag.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. With Some Color

Try the monochrome style. Your look should have something bright. In this picture, her bright bag added some color to her look. A sleek shirt and minimal accessories can make you look fresh and stylish. Sometimes you can go more monochrome or complete monochrome. Wear a bright colored sandals or pumps along with the same colored bag.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. With a Jacket

With the printed pant wear a tee and a jacket to make some difference to the look. It could be a black or brown jacket if you are going to office or simply a jean jacket. Keep the accessories to the minimal. Impress everyone around you.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. Sweater with Pant

Wide leg pants are different and can look odd if you don’t wear it right. These pants look loose and so the top also should be complementing the pant. Style them by wearing a matching slouchy sweater with it. That looks simple, different and stylish.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. Pick A Color

Your pant has more than a color. So just pick a color out of them and match it with the top. This way you don’t have to worry much about your look. Match your accessories accordingly.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. Maintain the Color Theme

Check what colors your pant has. For your entire look, maintain the same theme. In this picture, the theme has black and white. So, you can wear white or black top, black sandals, and a white bag.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. Patterns and Textures

With your printed pants try wearing tops with some fun patterns and textures rather than pain tops. This can change your look and style. Match the accessories with your look.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. Go All Odd

If you can, try daring to wear all prints from top to bottom. It is going to be really different. You can see a new you. Try doing it once. In addition if your bag also has all the prints, the entire attire is going to be really different.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. With Crop Tops

How about trying the high waist printed pants with crop tops? These tops are the new trend and women are excited to try them. Pair it with these pants and style them. Wear a sandal matching the pant and get a sling bag like the one in picture. Minimal accessories can always make you look better.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

  1. Pastels Look Great

Pastel colors are more being loved by women these days. Choose your pant with a pastel color in it and pair it with the same colored top. Maintain the same theme to make your look stylish. In this picture, she is wearing minimal accessories yet looking really stylish.

10 Ways to Style Printed Pants

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