• 10 makeup mistakes we generally do
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    10 Basic Makeup Mistakes Women Make

    [777] Do you think you wear your makeup right way…?? Lets check out some basic makeup mistakes that generally almost everyone of us do,, even the expert makeup artists do it sometime… If you don’t carry your makeup well, even the slightest of the mistake of ill brow shaping to the over harshly lined lip can make you look aged and make you look someone you are not.. So,, girls lets check out some important makeup tips: 1.Choosing the wrong foundation: The most important and probably the vital element for a good make up is the selection of a proper    foundation tone for your skin. The actual work of…

  • How to apply eyeliner perfectly
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    How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

    [777] Eyeliner is something without which makeup looks incomplete. There are different types of liners and different techniques to apply the same. You liner brush can give you different types of looks. Beginners usually get it all wrong with the eye liners and so pencil liners are best suitable for them since they are quite easy to apply . Later on you can shift to liquid liners. Few prefer holding their eyelid with fingertip which is found to be easier compared to others while few keep the eye slightly open. Today’s we will check how to apply eyeliner perfectly on the upper lash line and  few other tips. Types of…

  • 10 easy ways to look younger 2
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    How To Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

    Mornings usually tend to be hurrying . We have so much of work to do before leaving house. Working women know the struggle better. Even the college students face it. So, here are simple makeup tricks and tutorial to get your makeup done in just 5 minutes. 1. The Basic Things To get your makeup perfectly, you should first make sure you follow a healthy skin care regime religiously or not. Do the cleansing, scrubbing, toning, moisturizing and facials. 2. Cleansing, Moisturizing and Sunscreen Whatever may happen, you should never skip this. Make sure your skin is clean. However in the mornings, you take bath, so your skin might be…

  • 10 easy ways to look younger
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    10 Easy Ways To Look Younger

    [777] Are the early wrinkles on your face starting to worry you? Is your hair losing volume each month? Is the skin on your eyelids getting loose? Have thick rubber soles footwear become your new friends? If these signs of aging sound familiar to you, worry not! Age really is a number since there are a lot of ways to reverse the signs of aging. Adopt the below listed tips and see people unable to guess your real age: 1 . Go for bangs : Among the easiest ways to fake young age, bangs will help you hide forehead wrinkles as well as let you make an instant style statement.…