• 5 simple haisrtyles for Greasy hair
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    5 Simple Hairstyles For Oily/Greasy Hair

    [777] We cannot have the perfect hairs every day. Because of our busy schedules caring for the hairs can become a quite difficult task. Messier hairs are harder to style and manage. Especially if your hairs are naturally oily, your hairs can become dirty more often. Washing your hairs daily can damage your locks. This is because of the harsh chemicals that are present in your shampoo. Also, it destroys the natural oils present in the hair fibers living it dry and damaged.Also, when you apply heat to the hairs it can also cause the damage of the hairs. So, do not use heat styling too much on your hairs.…

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    6 Best Hairstyles For This Monsoon

    [777] With advent of monsoon season, all seems good except your hair. They are marred by the humid weather and rains which bring along limp hair and lot of hairfall too. Along with proper oiling and cleaning of the hair, you need some apt hairstyles that will prove good for your hair this rainy season. You will add a spark to your personality with these lovely hairstyles too. Hairstyle#1: Side Braided Ponytail This is a good way to give hot and humid weather a toss and your hair will be tied in a stylish way as well. This looks smart as this replaces your plain, simple ponytail with an enhanced version.…

  • 7 Popular Bollywood Inspired Hairstyles for College
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    7 Popular Bollywood Inspired Hairstyles for College

    [777] Hairstyle#1: Braided Braided hairstyle is very popular these days as it gives neat and smart look to your hair. It is very quick and easy to do so it has become favorite of college girl and is just apt for those who are always on their toes. It gives a neat and stylish look and it suits every given outfit as well. Checkout some of the bollywood divas flaunting their braided style. Hairstyle#2: High puff ponytail The simplest and most popular hairstyle of all times is a high ponytail. It gives a voluminous look to your hair and also gives you a smart look in every outfit. Just look…

  • Kareena kapoor best hairstyles (2)
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    Top 8 Kareena Kapoor Hairstyles

    [777] Kareena Kapoor is a style Diva of Bollywood. There would be hardly any instances that this beautiful lady has gone out of style and fashion ever caught on camera. She is always gorgeous, fresh and flawlessly beautiful no matter when. Since the beginning of her career Kareena has made it clear with her appearances that she is going to rule hearts of millions with her looks. One thing that is interesting to know about Kareena is her ever changing hairstyles. She has always experimented with her hairstyles and have looked equally awesome in all of them. Let’s have a look at her top 10 hairstyles that we have loved…

  • 10 Best Hairstyles For Sarees
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    Top 10 Hairstyles for Sarees

    [777] Saree is an integral part of Indian dressing on many occasions we feel like nothing would be apt then a saree. But most of us have doubts about hairdo with these beautiful ethnic wear. Sarees are one of those Indian wears that even fashion designers have not been able to overlook. Even designers admire and admit the fact that sarees give a very elegant and graceful yet glamorous look. The hairstyle that you would carry with your saree is of great importance along with the clothing itself. We have brought to you collection of 10 hairstyles that would complete your saree look and give a beautiful glamorous touch to…

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    15 Simple & Trendy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

    [777] Managing hair is a task which every women face in her daily life, and styling them is even more herculean task. Everyday visiting parlour is not an option either. Here are some simple and trendy hairstyles for medium length hair which can change your bored hair into an exciting piece of fun. These can be done without anyone’s supervision. Get the magic in your hand to style hair at home and turn yourself into a diva. 1. Easy Chignon: The low rolled updo It is a 5- minute hairstyle. It started with tying up a ponytail near the neck, the rolling the hair up like a bun and firming…

  • Braided updo with flowers - Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles
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    Top 7 Indian Bridal Hairstyles

    [777] In any girl’s life, marriage is the most memorable day. The beautiful dressing, makeup and hair styling make a bride look more beautiful. All around the world many brides go with different types of hairstyles. In India, there are also many different hair styles a bride goes with. Here are a few top Indian Bridal hairstyles. Hair braid decorated with flowers and netted flowers :  I am a south Indian so getting started with our traditional hair style. Many brides in south India go with this traditional, classic hair style. This is suited for all types of hair lengths and is braided with hair extensions too. Once the entire…

  • Best Hairstyles For Round Face
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    Best hair styles for round face

    [777] For a round face person, not every hair style looks good. The few, who have short hair can take better advantage of experimentation. However, who has long hair, can take risks and still have fun. Below are some of the best style suggestions, you sure can try on. 1. Front Strands– To hide some width of your round face, best way to cheat is to do the strands at the front, loose and keep the rest of the hair tied up either in a pony or braid or else bun. 2 . Chic Headband– One of the cutest and perfect hairstyles to go with a headband for short hair…

  • Choose A Pefrect Hair Cut For Your Face Shape
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    Choose A Pefrect Hair Cut For Your Face Shape

    [777] You want to get a perfect hair cut done but you must be confused on what could suit you the best. Do you know that all haircuts don’t suit well? A person may look great in a particular hair style while another may look bad with the same style. This is all because of different face shapes. Selection of a haircut should be done based on your face shape. If you have no idea of what your face shape is then immediately check it. The various face shapes include oval, round, square, heart and diamond. Now we are going to discuss which hairstyles suit them & which should be avoided.…