• 7 Popular Bollywood Inspired Hairstyles for College
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    7 Popular Bollywood Inspired Hairstyles for College

    [777] Hairstyle#1: Braided Braided hairstyle is very popular these days as it gives neat and smart look to your hair. It is very quick and easy to do so it has become favorite of college girl and is just apt for those who are always on their toes. It gives a neat and stylish look and it suits every given outfit as well. Checkout some of the bollywood divas flaunting their braided style. Hairstyle#2: High puff ponytail The simplest and most popular hairstyle of all times is a high ponytail. It gives a voluminous look to your hair and also gives you a smart look in every outfit. Just look…

  • Bollywood Queens and Their Favorite Accessories!
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    Bollywood Queens and Their Favorite Accessories!

    [777] B-town is a glam world that has a lot to flaunt and because of these glam divas we come to know about the latest fashion trends. But do you know, what’s the favorite accessory of these dazzling divas? Yes, they do love to flaunt the trendiest accessories on any given occasion. So let’s find out who loves what in Bollywood world. Bling#1: Geeky Glasses These days glasses have become a rage in bollywood and no one hides them anymore. Many actresses have come out in open flaunting lovely geeky glasses that have raised their style quotient to the top notch. Deepika is often spotted in geeky glasses and we…

  • BIBA's anarkhali suits

    Get Your Desi Game On This Summer: Beat the Heat with BIBA’s Summer-friendly Anarkali Suits

    [777] Dating back to the Mughal era, Anarkali suits are very much in vogue even today. Blending contemporary with vintage, they have become a crucial ensemble in every woman’s wardrobe.These aesthetically pleasing dresses have taken the Indian fashion industry by storm, and the best part? They can be worn all year round! This summer, it’s time for Anarkali lovers to check out summer-friendly collection of Anarkali suits online by BIBA. Softer shades present a fresh look and combined with innovative sleeve styles and vivid dupattas, are sure to make heads turn. Choose light fabrics: Cotton becomes your best friend in summertime. Luckily, Anarkali suits are not just available in velvet and…

  • Priyanka chopra beauty secrets
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    Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra

    [777] Beauty is a factor or an element of our life that we do our best to keep it enhanced and upgraded always. Beauty is a self-care or a factor of self-love and a part of our own identity. We all want to look beautiful, but all of us have different definitions of beauty. Today, we are talking about that beautiful look or feeling of skin that makes you confident and keep you prepared and presentable always. Almost all of us know that make-up and other accessories are just temporary. What we all should really work out for is to take care of our skin and keep ourselves naturally beautiful.…

  • Bollywood stars on their wedding day

    Bollywood Celebrities on their Wedding Day

    [777] We all have seen our favorite Bollywood actors getting hitched on screen quite a couple of time but then we also have seen them on their wedding days. We gasp in shock when we get to know that, a celebrity got married in a hush ceremony. We also get super curious when the wedding is announced by the celebrities. We want to know every inch of the detailed affair, in and out of their wedding. Therefore, here are few Bollywood celebrities on their wedding day, you might want to know, how ravishing they looked and all about the extravagant wedding that they had in the Bollywood history. 1. Shahid…

  • zalando shoes

    The best online shoe catalogues

    [777] Shopping for new shoes online? If so, there are a number of great shoe catalogues online to choose from. Depending on the size, style, and financing options you desire, you will quickly find that there are several great sites from which you can find a unique and distinct style you are bound to love. These are a few of the best online shoe catalogs to shop from. [777] 1. Pavers  On orders of 50 pounds or more you receive free shipping in the UK. They carry an extensive selection, dozens of brands, colours, and sizes for customers. You can find the latest spring fashion shoes (or shoes for any…

  • Latest Mehendi Designs 2016 Latest Mehendi Designs 2016

    10 Latest Mehendi Designs

    [777] Mehendi is used as a temporary tattoo in India and other Asian countries. It is considered auspicious in many regions and thus is used widely before ceremonies and festivals by women and men both. Though traditional Mehendi is more female things but in few areas men also apply Mehendi before their wedding. Mehendi is a beautiful way of temporary tattoo without harming skin. It looks lovely on any attire and completes a lady’s look. This is the reason may be Mehendi applying has never got old since centuries. There are many beautiful designs of Mehendi that are worn by ladies for different occasions. Here we have brought to you…

  • 10 Best Hairstyles For Sarees
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    Top 10 Hairstyles for Sarees

    [777] Saree is an integral part of Indian dressing on many occasions we feel like nothing would be apt then a saree. But most of us have doubts about hairdo with these beautiful ethnic wear. Sarees are one of those Indian wears that even fashion designers have not been able to overlook. Even designers admire and admit the fact that sarees give a very elegant and graceful yet glamorous look. The hairstyle that you would carry with your saree is of great importance along with the clothing itself. We have brought to you collection of 10 hairstyles that would complete your saree look and give a beautiful glamorous touch to…

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    Top 10 hairstyles of Deepika Padukone

    [777] Beautiful, brilliant and stylish, this is what we know about Deepika Padukone. She is a live wire in most of her films, being accepted by the Bollywood as much of a blessing that comes as a whole package of good looks, great and innovative acting skills and talent.We have seen her experimenting a lot with her hair, and yes all of her looks, largely rock, while they are followed by millions of her fans. So let us mark out the top 10 hairstyles of this long-legged beauty with brains: The wave Queen This is a gorgeous layered hair style that is followed many woman out there. The stunning waves…

  • 8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Nailed The Red Lipstick Look
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    8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Nailed The Red Lipstick Look

    [777] A walk down through the memory lane and I see no celebrity who hasn’t tried the red look. The red look is the bold, confident and attractive look that a red colored lipstick gives us. The charismatic charm the color carries with itself gets shared with the one who wears it. Bollywood has also experienced the spell of the color. From vintage actress to the new seed generation everyone loves red lips.Staining your lips with red color gives you the perfect pout. From the Kapoor family in Bollywood, the sexy lips of Kareen Kapoor stops the heartbeat of any age. With the addition of the red look she is…