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    Top 7 Benefits of Tulsi for Your Skin and Hair

    [777] Basil tree is popularly known as ‘Tulsi’ that is planted in every household. It has many benefits on the body and it is considered as a holy plant as it’s worshipped in Hindu religion. Be it pimples, blemishes, dandruff, hair fall, Tulsi has the cure for all these problems. Let’s take a look at its numerous benefits on our skin and hair: Benefit#1: Prevents blackheads and pimples You can eat raw leaves of Tulsi plant as it has a minty taste and it also helps in preventing blemishes and pimples. You can also take some tulsi leaves and crush them along with neem leaves and add some turmeric and…

  • natural makeup removers (1)
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    5 DIY Natural Makeup Removers

    [777] Make-up is something all of us use. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving ourselves a perfect look for the evening or occasion. In this quest most of us use a variety of products for their skin. Products starting from make-up base, concealer, foundation, blusher, bronzer, mascara, compacts, eyeliners and a lot more. The list can vary from person to person. But most of us are aware that they have used a variety of products for their make-up. There are possible skin damages to the skin from all this. But things do not end there. You would need to go through another step of harshness for…

  • skin care tips for monsoons
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    Top 10 Skin Care Tips For This Monsoon

    [777] Monsoons have approached and with this romantic season have also approached risk of bacterial and fungal infections for skin. Humidity and wet skin are the common elements of monsoon. Apart from infections there are also other care requirements for skin because of its sensitive nature. There are a few ways you can protect your skin these monsoons. You should can try and follow these tips and make them a habit in your routine to keep your skin healthy and issue free. No Experimenting with Artificial Jewelry Monsoon specifically is not the right time to experiment with artificial jewelry. If you have sensitive skin the humidity in the air makes…

  • Priyanka chopra beauty secrets
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    Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra

    [777] Beauty is a factor or an element of our life that we do our best to keep it enhanced and upgraded always. Beauty is a self-care or a factor of self-love and a part of our own identity. We all want to look beautiful, but all of us have different definitions of beauty. Today, we are talking about that beautiful look or feeling of skin that makes you confident and keep you prepared and presentable always. Almost all of us know that make-up and other accessories are just temporary. What we all should really work out for is to take care of our skin and keep ourselves naturally beautiful.…

  • 7 Hair Masks for Healthy Hair
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    7 Hair Masks for Healthy Hair

    [777] Hair is most important part of our body. Be it anyone a male or a female hair plays a very vital role in enhancing their looks and style. Hair does contribute to the glamour and style statements of a person to a fair share. Understanding the importance of healthy hair, today we have brought for you 7 hair masks for healthy hair. 1>    Oats Hair Mask Oats are very healthy and have great benefits for hair. This hair mask can give you soft, silky and healthy hair on regular use. It is easy to make and easy to wash Oats hair mask. Ingredients Required: 1 Table spoon Oats 1…

  • DIY Banana Hair Mask for Beautiful hair
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    DIY Banana Hair Masks for Beautiful hair

    [777] Tired with dull, frizzy hair? Have you used enough chemicals to revamp your hair but had been unsuccessful, then move towards all natural homemade remedy that can give you lustrous hair. Banana is s rich source of potassium, zinc and manganese; and in addition to that it contains various vitamins. The presence of all these nutrients helps to strengthens hair which avoids breakage, tangled hair and frizz. A fine puree of banana can be obtained by proper mashing of banana and then straining it from strainer so that small lumps and seeds are thrown away, as these particles keep sticking to hair giving it a look of dandruff. Mashed…

  • Top 7 under eye creams available in India
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    Top 7 under eye creams available in India

    [777] Dark circle is one of the most frightening thing that could happen to a woman. Simply, a raising issue in beauty care, a woman does every trick that is possible for her. Dark circles could be of many reasons. Stress, lack of good sleep, dehydration, fatigue and also not removing the make-up before going to sleep. Using an eye cream, helps in diminishing the effect of irregularity that one makes on keeping oneself stay beautiful, always! With markets introducing new age, tested and proved eyes creams, we bring you some best (top 7) under eye creams that are available in India. Read to know about the creams. 1. Thalgo…

  • 10 facepacks with chickpea flour (1)
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    10 Face packs with Chickpea Flour

    [777] To maintain a healthy skin and bright face it is important to nourish our body with best natural cosmetics. Chickpeas are one of them. It belongs to the family of legumes and is rich with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It fights against damage done by sun and harmful toxins. If anyone suffers from problem of hirsutism/ unwanted facial hair, it helps to overcome that as well.   Synthetic beauty enhancement products might not suit many skin types, as many have sensitive skins and may respond adversely to the synthetic product. Home made products contains natural minerals and aren’t harmful. Chickpeas can be used in many ways but making…

  • 7 tips for flat stomach
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    7 Simple Ways to Flat Stomach

    [777] Flat stomach is every person’s dream today. In the world of glamour and awareness about physique there would be no one who would be willing to roam around with their heavy belly. Belly portions tend more to get out of shape because fewer amounts of targeted exercises followed for them. But no more, we have come up with most accurate and easy to follow steps that would give you flat stomach on regular following: Eat More Veggies and Less Junk Food: Eating more food that is fruits and vegetables would add up to overall health of the body. They are rich sources of fiber, protein and nutrition. They provide…

  • Best homemade lip scrubs for dark lips
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    Best homemade lip scrubs for dark lips

    [777] Are you tired of having a dark lips? The cause of dark lips could be of cigarette toxins, sucking on lips, alcohol, too much of humid temperature, sun exposure, stress, and improper lifestyle habits. Some people also consume a lot of caffeine and hence, dark lips. No girl want a dark lip, we all know that. If you are wishing for a healthy, pink and lustrous lip, here are some best homemade lip scrubs for dark lips. Read to know more. 1. Sugar Sugar works best on dark lips. Mix three tablespoon of sugar with two tablespoon of butter and mix well. Blend it until it is a thick…