7 Must Have Shots for your Wedding

7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

By Tanisha Diwan

The key to the most amazing wedding album is making sure that the photographer captures all the right moments such as your brothers walking you down, the pheras, the way the groom holds the brides hand, etc. Catch the 7 must have shots on your list so you have all the right moments that you will treasure for all eternity!

Getting Ready:
  1. 7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

This picture should be taken when the bride and groom are getting ready. You could take a candid shot of the bride looking all nervous wondering if she will look the best on the most special day of her life!

The Sentimental Traditions:

7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

Every culture is different hence; it goes without saying that every wedding has its own special traditions as well. Make sure you capture these moments because there is nothing more precious than following each and every tradition on the wedding day! The only thing that will amaze you later on is the pure happiness on your family’s face as you follow the even the smallest of traditions.


7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

Wedding are a lot of serious planning these day, so don’t forget those friends who were there to brighten up those stressful days when nothing seemed to be going right. Friends of the bride and groom brighten up the wedding with their playful chatter and laughter; they also bring embarrassing stories about the bride and groom. So, instruct your photographer to capture those special moments you are to share with your besties!

The Ceremony:

7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

All ceremonies are unique and once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, so capture as much as possible! A ceremony can be one which lasts only for 5 minutes or the one which lasts for a couple of hours-no matter how long it is, please instruct the photographer to capture all the candid moments from the way the groom looks at the bride or hold her hand or even when the naughty sister of the bride steals the groom’s shoes!

The Dancing:

7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

Indian wedding are known for the dances and entertainment. Make sure you get the most energetic dance shots that will have you smiling whenever you look at them. Also, let’s not forget the tradition which is inspired from the western culture but a lot of Indians are adapting it too-the tradition of the first dance. This is a very emotional moment for the bride, so capture it!

The Vidaai:

7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

You may or may not want to see your vidaai photos again and again, but you would surely like to those rare memories where you are not fighting or arguing with your siblings. Vidaai pictures are very emotional.

The Couple Shots:

7 Must Have Candid Shots for your Wedding

The love lives on, however there is something special in the air on your wedding day, the intensity of love is so evident on your faces, so take this opportunity and have a special wedding photoshoot! Because there is no better time to take couple shots than your very own wedding day!


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